Gym leaders and town names for Black & White revealed

Pokemon Black & White — 11 February, 2011

We're a bit late with this news, but the gym leaders and Elite Four character names have been revealed, as well as most of the town/city names in Unova. The town names are all based on cloud formations!

Gym leaders:
1. Cilan (Grass), Chili (Fire), Cress (Water) - you fight one of them depending on your chosen starter.
2. Lenora (Normal)
3. Burgh (Bug)
4. Elesa (Electric)
5. Clay (Ground)
6. Skyla (Flying)
7. Brycen (Ice)
8. Shaga or Iris (Dragon) - former is in Pokemon Black, latter in Pokemon White

Elite Four:
1. Shauntel (Ghost)
2. Grimsley (Dark)
3. Caitlin (Psychic)
4. Marshal (Fighting)
Champion: Alder

Town names:
Kanoko Town is now Nuvema Town
Karakusa Town is now Accumula Town
Sanyou City is now Striaton City
Shippou City is now Nacrene City
Hiun City is now Castelia City
Raimon City is now Nimbassa City
Sazanami Town is now Undella Town
Kagome Town is now Lacunosa Town
Souryuu City is now Opelucid City
Sekka City is now Icirrus City
Fukiyose City is now Mistralton City
Hodomoe City is now Driftveil City

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