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PokeBase gets a redesign

Site Updates — 21 May, 2011

I have made a set of changes to our Pokemon question and answer knowledgebase, PokeBase. First up I overhauled the design, creating a fresher and brighter look.

New PokeBase design

There is also now a rich text editor, to allow a little more flair in posts. Bold, italic, lists, quotations, links and images can all be used where appropriate. User avatars are also available. Currently the system uses a service called Gravatar (instructions here) but I am looking to make this simpler in the future.

As part of the upgrade I rewrote the chat room from scratch to fix the various bugs we had with double posting and so on. I didn't get a chance to finish everything I needed on the chat room but there will be improvements soon!

Pokemon Global Link is now live!

Pokemon Black & White — 12 April, 2011

Pokemon Global Link logo

The Pokemon Global Link website, Nintendo's online portal for Pokemon Black & White and home of the Dream World, is now live! It was originally scheduled for March 30th but delayed due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

It was then scheduled to launch tomorrow, April 13th, but appears to have gone live earlier. In the Dream World you can put a Pokemon to sleep. When they return, they may have a different ability than when they left!

You can sign up now at http://en.pokemon-gl.com

So, apparently some new Pokemon games were released or something...

Site Updates — 17 March, 2011

Ha! It's been a little quiet here for the last few days. As you can probably guess, since Pokemon Black & White were recently released, I've been quite busy playing! I have Pokemon Black and it is excellent - a lot of the gameplay is familiar but the adventure has a little more 'epicness' to it. There are lovely touches to the graphics, music and other details throughout the game. Game Freak put a lot of effort in this time.

Most of my time on the site has been spent handling the massive surge in traffic we are experiencing at the moment. Visitor numbers have quadrupled since the games were released, and are even higher at weekends. We've got a grasp on everything now, but if the site gets a bit slow at times, please bear with us. Thanks for choosing Pokemon Database as your information source! :-)

On to the actual update - I've added two new pages to our Black & White section. The first describes some of the changes in wild encounters - most notably the shaking spots that you see sometimes. The second is a guide to the new seasons mechanic, explaining what changes between seasons.

Shaking spots & encounters guide
Seasons guide

I have also been making several changes to ability and move descriptions to add more detail and clarify points. As usual, if you spot any mistakes anywhere on the site, please let me know on meta-Pokebase here.

Black/White Attack and Ability English names revealed!

Pokemon Black & White — 02 March, 2011

Copies of Pokemon Black & White have hit some places early and now all the official English names for the new moves and abilities can be revealed! (UPDATE: also added the Pokedex 'flavor' entries and species to the Pokedex.)

English attack names
English ability names

If you want to see the Japanese names as a reference, we list them all below...

Pokemon Black & White locations now online

Site Updates — 01 March, 2011

First, a belated Happy Birthday to Pokemon! The very first games were released 27th February, 1996 - making them 15 years old last Sunday! Here's to another 15 years of fun.

Now onto the main update. Earlier this week I quietly added Pokemon location data for the Unova region from the imminent games, Pokemon Black & White. I have spent the last few days working on improving the section as a whole and can now unveil the new guide!

Pokemon location guide

Instead of the hard to read tables of just Pokemon and encounter rates, we've merged much of it into one table. Most tables now only list the Pokemon once, displaying all the relevant conditions such as game version, time of day or season. Check it out and let us know what you think.

P.S. Pokemon Black & White are released this coming Friday in UK/Europe, and Sunday in USA/Canada! If you get stuck during the games, drop by our popular Q&A section PokeBase, where you can get your questions answered by our expert users.

Gym leaders and town names for Black & White revealed

Pokemon Black & White — 11 February, 2011

We're a bit late with this news, but the gym leaders and Elite Four character names have been revealed, as well as most of the town/city names in Unova. The town names are all based on cloud formations!

Gym leaders: 1. Cilan (Grass), Chili (Fire), Cress (Water) - you fight one of them depending on your chosen starter. 2. Lenora (Normal) 3. Burgh (Bug) 4. Elesa (Electric) 5. Clay (Ground) 6. Skyla (Flying) 7. Brycen (Ice) 8. Shaga or Iris (Dragon) - former is in Pokemon Black, latter in Pokemon White

Elite Four: 1. Shauntel (Ghost) 2. Grimsley (Dark) 3. Caitlin (Psychic) 4. Marshal (Fighting) Champion: Alder

Town names: Kanoko Town is now Nuvema Town Karakusa Town is now Accumula Town Sanyou City is now Striaton City Shippou City is now Nacrene City Hiun City is now Castelia City Raimon City is now Nimbassa City Sazanami Town is now Undella Town Kagome Town is now Lacunosa Town Souryuu City is now Opelucid City Sekka City is now Icirrus City Fukiyose City is now Mistralton City Hodomoe City is now Driftveil City

More attack and ability names revealed, plus Twitter

Pokemon Black & White — 08 February, 2011

First, a quick reminder that the wi-fi event to obtain Raikou, Entei and Suicune is now underway! This week you can get a shiny Raikou in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver by selecting Mystery Gift from the title screen, then Nintendo WFC. The event is open to America, Europe and Australia. It may also be available in other areas too so give it a try!

Second, if you use the social networking site Twitter, you can now follow us @pokemondb! I will post regular Pokemon news updates, particularly small newsbites that aren't major enough to do a post on the front page. Plus any random facts or Pokemon goodies I stumble across.


And the main part of this update - more move and ability names have been confirmed by various sources:

Vengeance is now Retaliate Boiling Water is now Scald Evil Eye is now Hex Healing Beam is now Heal Pulse Sing A Round is now Round Electric Ball is now Electro Ball Wood Horn is now Horn Leech Cheer Up is now Work Up Flame Burst and Dragon Tail stay the same Tension (ability) is now Unnerve Regeneration (ability) is now Regenerator

Brand new sprite gallery added

Site Updates — 06 February, 2011

Today I am proud to unveil another new extensive section here at Pokemon Database - a brand new sprites gallery! Although we've had sprites for a while now, the section has been a bit lacklustre and sorely needing updates.

Gengar sprites from generation 1-5
A history of Gengar sprites

The pages have been redesigned with a neater table layout and we have sprites from every game, right back to Pokemon Red & Blue! You can follow the link from each Pokemon's pokedex page as normal, but we also have a new homepage for the sprites where you can choose your Pokemon:

Go to the new sprites gallery

Complete Pokemon learnset guide now online!

Site Updates — 27 January, 2011

It's been a long time coming but finally we can unveil a big new section to Pokemon Database! On the moves section of every Pokemon's pokedex, you will see links to different generations under each table. This will take you to the appropriate page for that Pokemon.

So you can now, for example, see Generation III moves for Swampert if you are playing Emerald, or the scant 30 attacks that Golem can learn in Generation I.

Like the main Pokedex page, each table is tabbed where appropriate, if Pokemon learned slightly different moves across different games. For example, Dugtrio learned Tri Attack in Crystal but not Gold/Silver.

Last but not least, I have taken Diamond/Pearl moves off the main Pokedex pages to clean up the page a little, since most people will have now moved on to HG/SS and soon Black/White. In many cases they are identical to Platinum which is still listed for now.

Victini event on Black & White release

Pokemon Events — 26 January, 2011


The legendary Pokemon Victini is to be available over wifi from the day of release of Pokemon Black & White! You can receive the Liberty Pass item from March 4th to April 22nd which you can use in Castelia City to capture Victini.

Note: You don't need to get to Castelia City by April 22nd, you just need to receive the item, then you can get Victini in your own time.

And if you like in the UK/Europe, don't forget that the legendary beasts event for generation 4 starts in just over a week's time on February 7th.

Video of new Pokemon English names

Pokemon Black & White — 18 January, 2011

I decided to put together a nice little video showcasing all the new Pokémon from Pokemon Black & White, with their English names that were leaked at the weeked. Evolutionary branches are also noted with arrows. Enjoy!

I'm hoping to create some more videos in the future, so you can subscribe to our new YouTube channel, PokemonDbNet to keep updated.

Dates for European legendary beasts event

Pokemon Events — 15 January, 2011

Details on the European event for Raikou, Entei and Suicune have been released. Each one will be available over Nintendo WFC for a week in February. They are the same Pokemon currently available in USA/Canada - not only are they shiny, they also come with new moves they don't normally learn!

All three have Extremespeed. Raikou has Weather Ball and is available from February 7th-13th. Entei has Flare Blitz and is available from February 14th-20th. Suicune has Sheer Cold and is available from February 21st-27th.

They are available for all fourth-generation games, so if you have multiple games (e.g. Diamond and HeartGold) you should be able to get them multiple times! The process is the same as usual - simply go to Mystery Gift in the very first game menu, Receive Gift, then pick it up from the delivery man in the PokeMart.