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Complete guide to Pokemon names now online!

Site Updates — 22 January, 2012

If you've visited our Pokedex recently, you may have noticed we made some changes! At the top you'll see the Pokedex data has been split into three sections: the standard Pokedex data; a Traning section containing EVs, catch rate, etc; and a Breeding section containing egg groups and egg cycles.

And on the left you will find the Pokemon's name origin (a.k.a. 'etymology'). Huge thanks to members of our community who helped thoroughly research the names. I like to think we now have the best, most canonical source of Pokemon name origins on the internet.

You can also see the entire list of etymologies for all 649 Pokemon on one page! It's amazing how diverse Pokemon names are, from simple animal names to complex scientific terms. Check out the page below: you are bound to learn something new!

Pokemon name origins page

Virtuoso Victini event

General News — 16 December, 2011

Victini Pokemon picture

The legendary Pokemon Victini is to be available over wifi again. Known as Virtuoso Victini, this one is more special than the previous Liberty Garden event as it has three exclusive moves: Fusion Bolt (previously Zekrom's signature move), Fusion Flare (previously Reshiram's signature move), and V-Create (Victini-exclusive move).

Victini can be obtained over Mystery Gift. As usual you simply choose Mystery Gift in the menu of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White, then Receive via Nintendo WFC. The event started on December 3rd and runs until December 31st.

Yep, I'm still here!

General News — 16 December, 2011

I just realized that I haven't posted any news for absolutely ages! There hasn't been a huge amount of Pokemon things going on, but there are a few important events and announcements coming up! I'll run through them all here.

A new Pokemon game to be revealed! Jump Festa, an annual anime/manga party, is due to make a big Pokemon announcement, rumoured to be the next Pokemon game coming out. If it turns out not to be a new game, the CoroCoro magazine has said they will reveal the new game in their January issue. We'll post as soon as we have the info.

Super Pokemon Rumble released in UK/Europe The European version of Pokemon Rumble Blast was released at the beginning of this month. It's a lot of fun so if you have a 3DS I recommend it! I'll be adding some information to this site in the coming days.

Arceus event coming up The one big bit of news I forgot to post (but was mentioned on Pokebase Meta) was a Pokemon.com online vote to pick the next event Pokemon to be released via Dream World. Although good choices like Celebi, Deoxys and Ditto (who has a great hidden ability Imposter) were popular, many troll votes appeared for Pikachu, Mudkip and Magikarp. The final winner was Arceus! Dates yet to be revealed.

New C-Gear skins and other events Victini is available over Mystery Gift and a Deerling C-Gear skin via the Global Link, password B8XME69W. I'll update the events page shortly with more details.

And finally, Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season and that Santa brings you everything you want!

A fiendish new design and some new content!

Site Updates — 22 October, 2011

Notice anything different recently? That's right, we've dressed up for Halloween! Just a little something I knocked up quickly, hope you like it :)

I have also added a few cool pages to the site recently. First up is the Events page. With the Pokemon Global Link events it's difficult to keep track of what's going on and how to get the special Pokemon or themes. So I've made a page that lists them all!

Pokemon Events page

I've added two nifty Pokemon tools: a moveset searcher and a type coverage checker. The first has been on the site for a while now but had a couple of problems. It's now fixed and working great! Just put in up to 4 moves you want, and it will tell you which Pokemon can learn them all!

Moveset searcher

I've loved the idea of a type coverage tool after I saw a similar page on PsyPokes.com. You input the elemental types of your attacking moves, and it shows you which Pokemon those types will not be very effective against.

Type coverage checker

P.S. to save you some time, the best 4-type combination is Ghost, Fighting, Ice and Ground :D

Mamoswine & Banette available through Pokemon Global Link

Pokemon Events — 22 October, 2011

Mamoswine and Banette are being given away in the Pokemon Global Link through special promotions. When you log in at pokemon-gl.com go to Promotions and enter the passwords below.

The Banette is a special giveaway for Halloween (although the event lasts for several months) and it has its hidden ability Cursed Body, plus a special move Cotton Guard which Banette doesn't normally learn. The password is NPCHARACTER if you're in USA, and BANETYahooGames for those in Europe.

The Mamoswine, only available in Europe at this time, has its hidden ability Thick Fat, but no special moves. Password is MAMNintendoOfficial.

There have also been many C-Gear skins released in recent months, which I'll post about shortly.

'Pokemon Gray' domain registered by Nintendo! Er... 3 years ago!

General News — 22 October, 2011

Web browser I don't normally do this but there has been a lot of shoddy journalism going round recently, even by organizations like IGN who should know better.

The story is that the domain name PokemonGray.com has been registered by a company called Melbourne IT, who do brand management and also happened to register PokemonBlackWhite.com for Nintendo, the official site for the latest games. Most of the articles credit Nintendo Buzz, who reported the same story two months ago.

This is basically where the reports ended. What they neglect to mention is that the domain has not been registered only recently; PokemonGray.com was first registered nearly 3 years ago! November 19th, 2008 to be precise.

New area "Spooky Manor" added to Dream World!

Pokemon Black & White — 28 September, 2011

The Pokemon Dream World, the online franchise of Pokemon Black & White, has added a new location you can visit! The Spooky Manor is an eerie old mansion filled with Pokemon!

Spooky Manor in the Dream World

In the new location you will find Ghost-type and Psychic-type Pokemon not previously available in the Dream World, plus new berries. Simply put a Pokemon to sleep and head to pokemon-gl.com to explore the Spooky Manor!

New year-long event: birthday Togekiss

Pokemon Events — 28 September, 2011


A new Pokemon event started this week to receive a special Togekiss. This Togekiss has the hidden ability Super Luck, which boosts its critical-hit rate. It will know the moves Extremespeed, Aura Sphere, Air Slash and Present.

This is a unique type of event in that you can only receive the Togekiss during the month of your birthday! First you need a Pokemon Trainer's Club account on Pokemon.com (click here to signup if you don't already have an account). Then simply log in and go to your message inbox on the month of your birthday to see instructions on how to obtain the Pokemon via Global Link.

New updates to Pokebase including Rate My Team section

Site Updates — 25 September, 2011

We've made some changes to Pokebase, our Q&A section. There is a new sub-forum called Battle Subway which is especially for Rate My Team questions. They were starting to clog up Pokebase and get in the way of other questions. (Note, older team questions will be moved to the new section soon!)

There are now more sorting options for questions such as by "most votes" or "most views". This is a good way to browse the site to find great questions and learn more about Pokemon! There is also a "flag" button next to posts. Please use this to report rule-breaking questions, spam/offensive posts or anything else that needs moderator attention.

Top members now have more privileges automatically. Users with over 10,000 points are able to edit questions and answers to help improve them. Users with less than 80 points are no longer able to vote, this is to prevent bad downvoting. (Later this will be changed so you can still upvote good posts.) Members can see a complete history of their questions and answers. This can be quite useful if you want to go back and select best answers for the questions you asked previously.

That's most of the changes! There will be more updates coming soon so stay tuned. I'd also like to take this moment to thank all our members for making Pokebase as great as it is!

Visit PokeBase!

New game: Pokemon Rumble Blast coming to 3DS

General News — 30 July, 2011

A new Pokemon spin-off game is being released. Pokemon Rumble Blast is the first Pokemon game for the 3DS and is a sequel to the popular WiiWare game, Pokemon Rumble.

Pokemon Rumble Blast action scene
Pokemon Rumble Blast action scene

It is an action game as opposed to the RPG format of regular games, and is a 3DS exclusive. You control toy Pokemon and must fight other Pokemon and add to your collection. There are several extra battle modes and connectivity features.

Pokemon Rumble Blast is released in Japan on August 11th and in America on October 24th. No word yet on a European release date but it is likely to be close to the American release.

New egg move guides for every Pokemon!

Site Updates — 10 July, 2011

Egg moves screenshot

We have yet another cool section to unveil at Pokemon Database today! This one is a guide to the egg moves that Pokemon can learn.

We already list the moves every Pokemon can learn by breeding in each Pokedex. Now every Pokemon gets an extra page which shows you how they can get those moves. Simply click the link by their egg move list in the Pokedex.

For example, Hydreigon learns Dark Pulse by breeding. With the Hydreigon egg moves page, you can see all the compatible parents. No compatible parents learn by level up, and only the Hydreigon family learn by breeding, but you can teach the Dark Pulse TM to Arbok, Gyarados or Seviper in Generation 4, then migrate to breed with the Hydreigon family.

Similarly for Weavile, with just a few clicks you can figure out how to get Ice Punch by chain breeding from Medicham to Lopunny to Weavile. Or, save some time by sketching moves with a Smeargle!

Announcing PokemonDb - a new Pokedex mobile web app!

Site Updates — 02 June, 2011

Update: the mobile app has been discontinued as the regular web site now works great on all mobile devices.

PokemonDb mobile app logo If you follow @pokemondb on Twitter you will have seen me mention a mobile app I have been working on for several weeks. Today I am proud to officially announce its release!

It is what's known as an offline web app - put simply, it's a website with some special features for mobile phones. When you load the app first time, it will download all the Pokedex data to your phone so that you can use the app whenever, wherever, without an internet connection. (This means we are free of binding restrictions from Apple et al.)

It works great on Apple iPhone, and it also works on Google Android phones, the latest Blackberries and all modern smartphones. See screenshots below.

To use the app, simply visit the link above from your phone's web browser (e.g. Safari on iPhone). You can also install it by tapping Add to Home Screen from the menu, or a similar option on other phones. It will then sit alongside your other apps!

I hope everyone enjoys this app! You can leave feedback, questions and suggestions over at Meta-Pokebase or via Twitter.