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Celebi distribution for Pokémon Bank users

Pokemon X & Y — 18 December, 2013

Celebi The online Pokémon storage service, Pokémon Bank, is launching on Decmeber 27th. In the latest Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that anyone using the service before September 30th 2014 will be eligible to receive the mythical Pokémon Celebi!

A 30-day free trial pass is also available for Pokémon Bank until January 31st 2014. The annual fee has also been confirmed for the various locations:

  • $4.99 in the United States
  • £4.49 in the United Kingdom
  • €4,99 in Europe
  • $6.50 in Australia

New Pokémon and potential Mega Evolutions discovered in X&Y

Pokemon X & Y — 01 November, 2013

Several new Pokémon and forms have been discovered by 3DS hacker Smealum. These are unconfirmed rumours at this point, but look very likely. Three new Pokémon appear to be event legendary Pokémon:

#719 Diancie - Rock/Fairy type
#720 Volcanion - Fire/Water type
#721 Hoopa - Psychic/Ghost type

There were also possible Latias and Latios Mega Evolutions leaked, as well as Fairy-type Arceus. To avoid further spoilers, images are on the full news post below.

Major glitch discovered in Pokemon X&Y - don't save outside in Lumiose City!

Pokemon X & Y — 19 October, 2013

UPDATE: Nintendo have released a patch for this now, which can be downloaded from the eShop. If your game glitched, downloading the patch will allow you to continue without resetting.

A major bug has been found in Pokemon X&Y. If you save your game at certain places in Lumiose City and reload the game (i.e. turn your 3DS off and come back to the game later) then you will be stuck! This only happens in the outside areas, on the circular boulevards surrounding the city. Saving the game inside buildings such as Pokemon Centers works fine.

Nintendo have acknowledged the issue and are working on a fix, which will be made available via the eShop as soon as possible. If you have already experienced the issue you can wait for the update, otherwise you will need to restart your game. Nintendo have released this map showing you where NOT to save:

Lumiose City map

Mega Tyranitar and Mega Aggron revealed by CoroCoro

Pokemon X & Y — 10 October, 2013

October's CoroCoro has been released and confirms Mega Evolutions for Tyranitar and Aggron. Mega Tyranitar stays Rock/Dark type and keeps its Sand Stream ability. Mega Aggron on the other hand loses its Rock typing to become pure Steel type. It also has the ability of Filter (which reduces damage from supereffective attacks).

Mega Tyranitar, Mega Aggron

The magazine also confirms Mega Gengar which was revealed by leaks (Ghost/Poison; Shadow Tag ability) and Mega Kangaskhan which was revealed at the Pokemon World Championships in August.

In other news, Pokemon X and Y are only a day away! We've been keeping the site updated with all the latest information such as Pokemon, moves and abilities. Check out the links below if you don't mind spoilers:

X/Y main page
Full Kalos Pokedex
New X/Y attacks

Swirlix and Spritzee evolutions revealed

Pokemon X & Y — 02 October, 2013

Two new Pokemon have surfaced in a Japanese pamphlet, and were later confirmed officially by Nintendo. They are evolutions of Swirlix and Spritzee, and remain pure Fairy type. They are known as Slurpuff and Aromatisse respectively.

Slurpuff and Aromatisse

Pokemon Origins reveals second Charizard Mega-Evolution

Pokemon X & Y — 02 October, 2013

The Pokemon Origins anime special has just finished airing in Japan and revealed a big surprise - there are two Mega-Evolutions of Charizard! The first one that was already revealed is Mega Charizard Y, while the new one revealed in Mega Charizard X. It is dark gray (similar to a shiny Charizard) and has blue flames. It is Fire/Dragon type and has a new ability Tough Claws which increases the power of contact moves (which are the majority of Physical moves).

Mega Charizard X
Red and Mega Charizard X in the anime special

Also of note is that some people have managed to get their hands on copies of Pokemon X&Y from certain stores in Canada, breaking the official sale date. Various information is coming in so we'll keep the site updated as we go. A few notable points:

  • There are many Pokemon from previous generations mixed in with new ones.
  • The first gym is Bug and you receive the Bug Badge for beating the gym leader Viola.
  • After defeating the gym you receive TM83 Infestation which is a Bug type trapping move (like Fire Spin).
  • There is a Skate Park you can play in using your Rollerskates.
  • The Exp Share item now works like Exp All from Generation 1 - it is a key item and when it's switched on all Pokemon in your party will earn EXP regardless of whether they participated in a battle.
  • A sleeping Snorlax blocks your path in one area, just like in the first generation.
  • Espurr is a pre-evolution of Meowstic.
  • Fletchinder is a middle-evo of the Fletchling line. It goes Fletchling, Fletchinder, Talonflame.
  • In battle, status ailments show their full name, e.g. POISONED.
  • Vivillon has multiple patterns, one of which is dark in colour and called Polar Pattern.

Honedge evolution revealed: Doublade

Pokemon X & Y — 25 September, 2013

Doublade The official Pokemon Facebook page has revealed a new Pokemon - Doublade, an evolved form of Honedge.

It takes the form of two crossed swords, like a coat of arms. The ribbons also change from blue to pink.

Doublade is 2'7'' tall and 9.9 lbs, and has the ability No Guard.

Roundup of minor X&Y features

Pokemon X & Y — 20 September, 2013

Various gaming websites are starting to post reviews and first impressions of Pokémon X&Y. Here are some interesting new snippets we have learned. We'll keep this updated as more comes in.

  • Supposedly X&Y include all Pokemon from all previous games, though it's not clear if that means available in X&Y itself or just tradeable like every other game.
  • As noted yesterday, no Kalos Pokémon will get a Mega Evolution.
  • Pokémon earn EXP even when you capture a Pokémon.
  • Masuda stated that the reason stereoscopic 3D is not used in the overworld was to allow them to add much more detail to the overworld and enhance the beauty aspect of the games.
  • Pokémon now make more natural sounds instead of the current computerised sounds.
  • The story gets going much quicker than in previous games.
  • Each of the starter Pokémon has a STAB move from the outset (i.e. Ember for Fennekin, Water Gun for Froakie).
  • You can run with the B button from the very beginning of the game.
  • You are gifted the Rollerskates before the first gym.
  • You can learn new tricks for skating if you defeat Rollerskating trainers.
  • PokéCenters now contain changing rooms to allow customising your character's outfits.
  • Café culture permeates the many cities and towns of Kalos.
  • Masuda stated they do not plan to release any balance patches to the games (e.g. to change the type chart or certain moves).

New Pokémon Aurorus and Tyrantrum leaked

Pokemon X & Y — 19 September, 2013

The evolutions of the recently-revealed fossil Pokémon have been leaked by a French news website and IGN respectively. They are named Aurorus and Tyrantrum. Aurorus learns a new move Freeze Dry which is Ice-type but also super-effective on Water type Pokémon.

Aurorus, Tyrantrum

In addition to this, a few details about the games have been confirmed. First, as was seen in the demos last month, only battles and cut scenes use the 3DS stereoscopic 3D effect (i.e. with the depth slider). The overworld uses the regular flat screen.

When capturing a Pokémon in the wild, the Pokémon in battle will now earn EXP. It was also confirmed that no Kalos Pokémon will get a Mega Evolution.

Localisations for September CoroCoro Pokémon revealed

Pokemon X & Y — 13 September, 2013

The English names for the recent Pokémon featured in CoroCoro have been announced, as well as a few more battle details. First up, the starters evolutions are known as Quilladin, Braixen and Frogadier:

Quilladin, Braixen, Frogadier
Quilladin, Braixen, Frogadier

The Rock/Dragon fossil Pokémon is known as Tyrunt and the Rock/Ice fossil is Amaura. They are revived from the Jaw Fossil and Sail Fossil respectively - as usual, in your game you only get to pick one!

Tyrunt, Amaura, female Meowstic, male Meowstic
Tyrunt, Amaura, female Meowstic, male Meowstic

The white dog is Furfrou and its fur can be trimmed into several different styles and colors (see the video below). The male/female cats are named Meowstic. There are notable gender difference between male and female Meowstic, besides the inverse colors. The male learns more defensive moves and the female learns more attacking moves. It's also implied their base stats are different to accommodate this.

New Pokémon, Pyroar, accidentally leaked

Pokemon X & Y — 12 September, 2013

A new Pokémon called Pyroar has been revealed by the Pokémon Company via IGN. It appeared briefly on their website earlier but was quickly taken down. It is now confirmed to be an evolution of Litleo:

Pyroar official artwork
Pyroar official artwork

CoroCoro reveals new Pokemon, Mega Evolutions, type chart and more!

Pokemon X & Y — 11 September, 2013

September's CoroCoro has just leaked and showcases lots of new information about Pokémon X&Y. First up is a second Mega Evolution for Mewtwo! Each of the Mega Evolutions are version-exclusive. The previously revealed form is Mega Mewtwo Y, while the new one below is Mega Mewtwo X, which is Psychic/Fighting type and has the ability Steadfast (raises speed on flinching). Mega Garchomp is also revealed, which has the ability Sand Force.

Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Garchomp
Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Garchomp

The starters first evolutions are called Gerogashira, Teerunaa and Hariboogu in Japanese and keep their single types of Grass, Fire and Water respectively:

Gerogashira, Teerunaa, Hariboogu
Gerogashira, Teerunaa and Hariboogu (click for full size)

As in previous games there are two fossil Pokémon: Chigorasu (Rock/Dragon) and Amarusu (Rock/Ice) - both unique type combinations! Chigorasu has a new ability Hard Jaw that increases the power of biting moves (assuming moves like Bite, Crunch, Fire Fang etc). Amarusu has a new ability Frozen Skin which turns Normal type moves into the Ice type and boosts their power.

The new type chart for the Fairy type is confirmed. Fairy is super effective against Fighting, Dark and Dragon; not very effective against Fire, Poison and Steel; Poison and Steel are super effective against Fairy; Fighting, Dark and Bug are not very effective against it; Dragon type moves have no effect on Fairy type Pokémon.

See updated type chart

Continue below for more Pokémon and images!