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Ampharos, Absol and Mawile Mega Evolution details confirmed

Pokemon X & Y — 12 August, 2013

The official site has confirmed the Mega Evolutions of Ampharos, Absol and Mawile and provided clearer pictures.

When Ampharos Mega-Evolves, apparently the red orbs on its body emit a strong light.
Mega Absol increases its Attack and Speed.
Mega Mawile increases its Defense and Special Defense.

Our Pokedex has been updated with the latest details. For now, the Mega Evolutions are listed as forms. Based on currently-known information, Mega Evolution works in the same way as an in-battle form change. A few other additions we haven't yet already mentioned in news are a new attack, Nuzzle (learnt by Dedenne), and a new Ability, Cheek Pouch (had by Dedenne and Bunnelby).

A new trailer for Mega Evolutions has also been released:

Mega Kangaskhan revealed at Pokemon World Championships

Pokemon X & Y — 10 August, 2013

The Pokemon World Championships are under way in Vancouver, and a new Mega Pokemon has been revealed in a trailer showing there! It's a Mega Kangaskhan and it has a new ability Parental Bond that allows it to attack twice in one turn. It appears the baby leaves its mother's pouch and attacks in the same turn as its mother!

Pokemon X&Y videos

New "Mega" Pokemon announced!

Pokemon X & Y — 09 August, 2013

As noted in the previous article, CoroCoro has leaked and given details of new Pokemon and features. The biggest news, however, was the announcement of Mega Evolution. Described as an Evolution beyond all Evolution, Mega-Evolved Pokemon are stronger and often have a different type or ability. Six Mega Pokemon have been revealed so far, including Mewtwo, whose previously seen Awakened form is now confirmed to actually be a Mega Evolution.

However, although officially called Mega Evolution, the process is more like a form change. Pokemon can only enter their Mega forms in battle, when holding a unique Mega Stone item for each Pokemon. Blaziken, for example, evolves in battle when holding Blazikenite. A special event is lined up for the release of Pokemon X & Y to obtain a Torchic holding a Blazikenite.

Summary of the known Mega Pokemon:
Mega Mewtwo has higher Special Attack and the ability Insomnia.
Mega Lucario has higher Attack and the ability Adaptability. Requires Lucarionite.
Mega Blaziken has higher Attack and the ability Speed Boost. Requires Blazikenite.
Mega Mawile is Steel/Fairy type and the ability Huge Power.
Mega Absol has higher Attack and Speed and the ability Magic Bounce.
Mega Ampharos is Electric/Dragon type and has the ability Mold Breaker.

UPDATE: video of the Mega transformations below...

New Pokemon revealed in August CoroCoro

Pokemon X & Y — 09 August, 2013

This month's CoroCoro has leaked, and it has big news... literally. We'll have the major news in the next article but here are the new Pokemon and features revealed. Nintendo has now confirmed their details on the official website.

Bunnelby (left) is a Normal type Pokemon based on a rabbit. It has a new ability Cheek Pouch which will restore HP when a berry is consumed, on top of the berry's usual effects. So it may cure a status condition and restore HP, or restore more HP than normal.
Dedenne (middle) is an Electric/Fairy type Pokemon. It also has the Cheek Pouch ability. It also looks pretty similar to Pikachu/Raichu but there is no apparent connection.
Skiddo (right) a Grass type Pokemon based on a goat, and is the prevolution to Gogoat.

Another feature revealed was Super Training. This consists of various mini-games that boost Effort Values (EVs). One mini-game revealed sees your Pokemon take on giant balloon Pokemon on a football (soccer) field.

The Super Training feature also has a screen giving you a good visual overview of your stats and EVs (right) using a spider graph. The green area in the middle shows your base stats, while the yellow area shows EVs gained.

New event to obtain a shiny Dialga, Palkia and Giratina

Pokemon Events — 09 August, 2013

A new real-life event has been announced to obtain a shiny Dialga, Palkia and Giratina during late August through October. The event runs at gaming stores in America, Canada, United Kingdon and Australia. Each Pokemon is available for a separate 2 or 3 week period, requiring you to go in three times. Exact dates are below.

Dialga Palkia Giratina

America/Canada, at Gamestop:
Dialga obtainable August 19th to September 8th.
Palkia obtainable September 9th to September 29th.
Giratina obtainable September 30th to October 20th.

United Kingdom, at GAME:
Dialga obtainable August 30th 2013 to September 12th.
Palkia obtainable September 13th to September 26th.
Giratina obtainable September 27th to October 12th.

Australia/New Zealand, at EB Games:
Dialga obtainable August 30th 2013 to September 12th.
Palkia obtainable September 13th to September 26th.
Giratina obtainable September 27th to October 11th.

New ghostly tree Pokemon revealed

Pokemon X & Y — 31 July, 2013

A new Pokemon (which had been rumoured for a little while now) has been revealed in a new Japanese trailer video. It is known as Oorotto in Japan. It resembles a haunted tree and is rumoured to be Grass/Ghost type. The video shows a horde of them appearing in battle:

Ghost tree Pokemon, Oorotto

The trailer, which can be seen below, also shows Fennekin using a new move, translated as Glow Punch. It looks very similar to the other elemental punches like Fire Punch, but is likely to be a new type.

Also shown is an underwater battle, suggesting that Dive might make a return in a similar style to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

What? Pokemon Database is evolving!

Site Updates — 17 July, 2013

Congratulations! Your favourite website evolved into VERSION 3!

Welcome to the new Pokémon Database! This redesign has been a long time in the works, and has been developed in parallel with updates to the existing site (which at times was a pain in the butt). In many ways it has literally evolved as Scyther has been replaced by Scizor in the header.

Most of the site was redeveloped from scratch, and every page on the site has been reformatted (even if a lot of pages look very similar). We have also moved to a brand new server which should be a lot faster and fix some of the problems we have been having recently. Redoing a site from scratch also throws away a bunch of unused cruft in the coding behind the website and makes it a bit more streamlined.

One of the biggest changes is that the same site is also formatted for mobiles and tablets, using a process called responsive design. If you are on a desktop/laptop you can try shrinking your browser window and see what happens! Along with this we have discontinued the web app we made previously; it hadn't really worked for a while and was difficult to keep it up-to-date with the latest information. If you need a phone app that works offline I recommend the official one by The Pokémon Company. Search your phone's app store to find it. Or check out Pokédex 3D Pro in the 3DS eShop.

And as if the new design wasn't exciting enough, we have a ton of new content!

  • New base pages for every main series Pokémon game, listing the main features and changes. They are all accessible from the Pokémon games menu above. See Red/Blue for an example.
  • A full, dynamic HM chart for each game, allowing you to find which Pokémon learn which HMs, e.g. Gold & Silver HMs.
  • TM pages for each game, e.g. Ruby & Sapphire TMs.
  • Gym Leader & Elite Four Pokémon for every game, e.g. Emerald gym leaders & Elite Four. The type section now lists major trainers of that type from all the games as well.
  • Pokédex pages now have a short introduction to each Pokémon. This is a work in progress but it would not be possible without the fantastic help of our community! You can join in as well here.
  • Incidentally, all the Pokédex pages have been redesigned. They now use fewer tabs in all the sections. The list of moves uses one set of tabs for the game list instead of tabs above every different method of learning moves. When Pokémon have forms, there are now only two sets of tabs (one at the top and one above the moves) instead of five.
  • A new Size Pokédex in which you can filter and sort Pokémon by height or weight.
  • A new competitive stat Pokédex which lists combinations of Pokémon stats such as Attack+Speed for physical sweeper, HP+Defense+Sp.Def for walls and so on.
  • PokéBase has been upgraded. The main feature is a new wall where you can post (public) messages for another user.
  • We have also started work on an items section that has details for every usable item from the games. This is a big work in progress and will be filled out soon. For now it has some basic descriptions.
  • A new About page with a bit of information about the site and our history. Plus a new simpler way to contact us!

I hope you enjoy the new site as much as I continually enjoy making it. You can leave your thoughts and comments on the new design on this Meta-Pokébase thread. If you spot any problems with the site, particularly on a mobile or tablet device, please let us know about it here. Thanks!

Now that the redesign is done we should have more frequent content updates. I want to continue to build the best resource for Pokémon fans on the internet, and develop a great community of Pokéfans here with a new forum coming soon. And lots more besides!

English names for July CoroCoro Pokemon

Pokemon X & Y — 12 July, 2013

The official English names for the Pokemon revealed yesterday have been confirmed. The Pancham evolution is called Pangoro and the two squid Pokemon are known as Inkay and Malamar.

Pangoro, Inkay, Malamar

The cotton candy-like Pokemon is called Swirlix. The pink bird Pokemon is called Spritzee.

Swirlix, Spritzee

New moves/abilities have had their names confirmed:

  • Xerneas' ability is Fairy Aura which increases the power of all Fairy-type moves in battle.
  • Xerneas has an exclusive move Geomancy, exact details not known.
  • Yveltal's ability is Dark Aura which increases the power of all Dark-type moves in battle.
  • Yveltal has an exclusive move Oblivion Wing, exact details not known.
  • Topsy-Turvy is learnt by Inkay, which reverses the opponent's stat changes.
  • Draining Kiss is learnt by Spritzee, which restores half the HP drained to the user.
  • Swirlix has a new ability Sweet Veil which prevents the entire team from falling asleep.

New Pokemon in CoroCoro July 2013

Pokemon X & Y — 11 July, 2013

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has leaked again, and with it comes new Pokemon and more information about X and Y! I will first point out that there are less than 100 days until October 12th, the release date of X and Y.

Onto the reveals now and the types of Xerneas and Yveltal have been disclosed. Xerneas is Fairy type and Yveltal is Dark/Flying type. Respectively they have the abilities Fairy Aura which powers up Fairy type moves and Dark Aura which powers up Dark type moves. Exclusive moves have also been revealed: Xerneas can learn Geo Control and Yveltal can learn Death Wing (translations).

Also on current Pokemon, Clauncher will be exclusive to Pokemon X while Skrelp will be exclusive to Pokemon Y. Honedge will have the ability No Guard, which ensures all moves it uses and all attacks it receives will hit. This means it won't have immunity from Poison-type attacks (although since it's part Ghost type they will be not very effective).

Next up, new Pokemon! No English names yet so these are all Japanese. First is Goronda, and is the evolution of Pancham. The evolution method is apparently a new type we haven't yet seen, though details were not revealed. It has the ability Iron Fist. Second is a squid-like Pokemon called Maika and third is its evolution Karamanero. They are Dark/Psychic type.

New Pokemon: Goronda, Maika, Karamanero
Goronda, Maika and Karamanero

Next we have Peroppafu, a ball of fluff. It is Fairy type and is exclusive to Pokemon X. It has a new ability that prevents your whole team from falling asleep (current translation: Sweet Pale). It also has a new move Drain Kiss. Below right is Shushup, a pink bird. It is also Fairy type, with the ability Healer, and exclusive to Pokemon Y.

New Pokemon: Peroppafu, Shushup
Peroppafu and Shushup

New Pokemon revealed: Honedge

Pokemon X & Y — 06 July, 2013

Honedge, based on a sword At a Japan Expo in France this week, Junichi Masuda of Game Freak revealed a new Pokemon in a special pre-recorded video. The Pokemon is called Honedge and is Steel/Ghost type. It is based on a sword; an ancient soul is thought to reside in the sword.

We also see that Honedge can become unsheathed in battle. Earlier in the video, Mr. Masuda talks about France being the basis for the Kalos region and details the places he visited and drew inspiration from. The overarching theme of Pokemon X&Y will be beauty. See the full video below.

X & Y section updated with new content

Site Updates — 14 June, 2013

Just a short one here. First, don't forget to check below for previous updates with new Pokemon and details on Pokemon X & Y.

Next, we have a bunch of new content! I have completely rewritten our dedicated page for Pokemon X/Y with all the latest details. The new Kalos Pokemon have been moved to their own page as it was getting long. We also have a brand new videos page, showing all the trailers and clips that have been released so far!

Pokemon X & Y game page
X & Y Pokedex
Pokemon X & Y videos

English names revealed for June CoroCoro Pokemon

Pokemon X & Y — 14 June, 2013

Nintendo have published another gameplay trailer showing the first gym in Pokemon X/Y. It's a Bug-type gym whose leader Viola is a keen photographer. (Continue below to see the video.)

Flabébé, Litleo, Scatterbug, Spewpa

The video also names the Pokemon announced by CoroCoro yesterday. They are, from left to right in the above image, Flabébé, Litleo, Scatterbug and Spewpa. The latter two form the evolution chain for Vivillon.

Litleo can learn a new move Noble Roar, which lowers the target's Attack and Special Attack.

Interestingly, Flabébé marks the first time a Pokemon's English name includes an accented character, and only the third time a special character is included (after Nidoran♀ and Nidoran♂). The e-acute adds further ties with France, on which the region Kalos is based.