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New Pokemon "Fairy" type confirmed!

Pokemon X & Y — 11 June, 2013

Fairy type The Nintendo Direct presentation at the E3 games conference has just confirmed there will be a new elementary Pokemon type introduced in Pokemon X&Y - the Fairy type! This has been rumoured for a long while now, ever since Sylveon was revealed.

Sylveon is Fairy type, but also Jigglypuff, Gardevoir, and Marill have been confirmed to now be part-Fairy type (Normal/Fairy, Psychic/Fairy and Water/Fairy respectively). More Fairy Pokemon may be confirmed later.

Two new Pokemon have been revealed - Vivillon, based on a butterfly, and Noivern, based on a dragon (or more precisely a wyvern). Three new moves are in the trailer - one called Boomburst as used by Noivern, a Fairy-type move called Moonblast as used by Sylveon, and another Fairy-type move called Fairy Wind as used by Gardevoir.

Noivern and Vivillon artwork
Noivern (left) and Vivillon (right) official artwork

The release date is also confirmed to be October 12th, 2013, worldwide. Watch the new official Pokemon X&Y gameplay trailer below.

New Pokemon revealed and lots of X&Y info

Pokemon X & Y — 17 May, 2013

Hey folks, this post is quite late but we've got a lot of news for you! Plenty more details have been revealed about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

First up, the new region is called Kalos and is based on northern France. See map below. The large city (seen in previous trailers) is Lumiose City and is based on Paris. It includes a large tower not unlike the famous Eiffel Tower.

Next, four new Pokemon have been revealed:

New Pokemon - Fletchling, Pancham, Gogoat, Helioptile

They are, from left to right:

  • Fletchling, Normal/Flying type, a small bird based on a robin.
  • Pancham, Fighting type, is based on a panda.
  • Gogoat, Grass type, is based on a goat. It was revealed that Gogoat can actually be ridden around Lumiose City.
  • Helioptile, Electric/Normal type. It learns a new move, Parabolic Charge, which heals the user for half the damage it deals to opponents (basically an Electric version of Giga Drain).

The box art has also been revealed, and it looks great! It confirms that the legendary Pokemon Xerneas is available in Pokemon X, while Yveltal is available in Pokemon Y. Continue below for more images and a gameplay trailer.

Pokemon X and Y box art

Level 100 Deoxys to be distributed over wi-fi

Pokemon Events — 25 April, 2013

The mythical Pokemon Deoxys is soon to be made available to players of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2! Deoxys is one of the last remaining pure-event legendaries that has not been made available over wi-fi yet.

The event will start May 8th in America. No word yet on an end date or dates for other regions. Update: The event has been confirmed for most other regions as well.

Deoxys forms

In other news, Nintendo have recently released a short teaser video (continue below to watch) for the upcoming Pokemon movie that shows Mewtwo transforming into the new Pokemon that was revealed a few weeks ago. This heavily implies that it is in fact a new Mewtwo form, not a separate Pokemon.

New Pokemon based on Mewtwo revealed!

Pokemon X & Y — 07 April, 2013

Mewtwo evolution The Japanese show Pokemon Smash has revealed a new Pokemon that is based on Mewtwo! The official Pokemon website strongly hints it is a new Pokemon rather than a Mewtwo forme:

It is suspected that the newly discovered Pokémon has some sort of connection with the Legendary Mewtwo—a powerful Pokémon that first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue Versions.

Given that Mewtwo was a clone of Mew and one does not evolve into the other, it's very likely this new Pokemon will follow the same pattern. Will it be called Mewthree?

Meloetta now available from various game stores

Pokemon Events — 05 March, 2013

Meloetta I'm a bit late posting this, but a new event is underway to obtain the mythical Pokemon, Meloetta! This is a real-life event - visit a participating game retailer and you can receive Meloetta at level 50. It has the moves Round, Teeter Dance, Psychic and Close Combat.

Participating stores are GameStop store in America/Canada, GAME in the UK, and Target/EB Games in Australia. In America the event runs from March 4th to 24th, while in UK/Europe it runs March 22nd to April 19th.

This is the last Pokemon from Generation 5 that has not been made available before, so get it while you can! See the events page for more details.

New Eeveelution's English name revealed as Sylveon

Pokemon X & Y — 14 February, 2013

The new Eevee evolution revealed on Tuesday has been given an English name. It follows the regular -eon pattern of the rest of the Eevee family and is named Sylveon. Still no type or other details just yet.

The most likely etymology for the name is sylva, Latin for forest, or sylvan, a a mythical deity or spirit of the woods. This would perhaps tie in with the legendary Xerneas.

A short trailer has also been released, watch the video below.

New Pokemon Ninfia, an Eevee-evolution, revealed

Pokemon X & Y — 12 February, 2013

Ninfia Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed a new Pokemon called Ninfia (English name not known yet).

It is a new Eeveelution and will be seen in a Pokemon short, Eevee and Friends, that will be shown before a new Pokemon movie in the future.

However no type or ability were revealed, nor was the method of evolution, leaving open the possibility of new types or completely unique evolution methods. Ninfia is 1.0m (3ft 3in) tall and weighs 23.5kg (52 lbs).

Click the image to the right to see the larger image.

New Keldeo wi-fi event in America and Europe

Pokemon Events — 24 January, 2013

Keldeo Pokemon event A new event has been announced. Keldeo, who was previously available in a real-life event, will now be made available through wi-fi! The event runs from Friday January 25th (tomorrow!) to Tuesday February 12th.

This Keldeo will know the moves Sacred Sword, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, and Swords Dance and will be Level 50.

To obtain it, as usual go to the Mystery Gift in the menu, Receive Gift then Receive via Nintendo WFC.

Genesect info available for Pokedex 3D Pro and Pokedex iOS

Pokemon Events — 17 January, 2013

If you have the Pokedex 3D Pro or Pokedex for iOS apps, you can now add Genesect's data to them.

For Pokedex 3D Pro, go to Pokemon Challenge then one of the Keyword options at the bottom. (If all slots are filled tap Delete on one.) Enter the keyword, PHSKUTDF, then play through it to get Genesect (answers don't need to be correct).

For Pokedex for iOS simply enter this code in the search field and tap Search: SNMPSCTP.

In general site news, I added a page for the new games Pokemon X&Y, which will be kept updated with new information as we get it.

New games revealed: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!

Pokemon X & Y — 08 January, 2013

Pokemon X+Y logo Nintendo Direct has just finished airing and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has revealed two new Pokemon games! They are called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

The broadcast began with a retrospective look at the history of the Pokemon games, with many references to the delay between the release in Japan and the rest of the world. He then revealed the new games, which will be released simultaneously this October in Japan, America, UK, Europe and Australia!

The games will be on the 3DS and make full use of the 3D feature. The starter Pokemon were revealed to be named Chespin (Grass), Fennekin (Fire) and Froakie (Water). Continue below for the video and more pictures!

Pokemon X and Y starters - Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie
Pokemon X and Y starters - Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie

Diamond Dust, dual-types and type statistics

General News — 31 December, 2012

If you visit Icirrus City in your Pokemon game today, December 31st, you have the opportunity to see the rare weather condition Diamond Dust. When walking around outside in the town the air will sparkle instead of the typical snow.

It's available in all Generation 5 games - Black, White, Black 2 or White 2. In BW2 once you have seen it you will receive the Diamond Dust medal! If you're reading this in 2013, not to worry. There are several other rumoured dates that Diamond Dust will appear, including January 12th. See the Pokebase question: How do you experience the Diamond Dust weather?

Nintendo also stated recently there will be a Pokemon announcement on January 8th. Whether that will be a new game or not is unknown. We'll post news as soon as we get it.

In other news, I have made some nice little additions to our type pages. On every type page you will first see some totals at the top of the page that count every Pokemon and move of that type. Further down we now have stat averages which tell you for each stat like HP or Attack, what their average is across the type, and where they are ranked. (See below for a spoiler)

Also, the dual type chart now has links in the PKMN column to view all the Pokemon of that type combination. So if you've looked at the chart and wondered which Pokemon is Fire/Electric type? you can click the number 1 next to that row and see that it's Rotom Heat form!

And finally, a belated Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a Happy New Year to all our visitors! We have lots of new additions coming up in 2013 so stay tuned!

A few Black & White 2 updates

Site Updates — 19 October, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying Pokemon Black and White 2! I've just added a few more details and corrections to our pages:

  • A Medals page, detailing every one of the 255 Medals available in the game and how to obtain them.
  • List of TMs with their locations in BW2. We are working through this to add even more detailed locations.
  • Pokedex descriptions for BW2 are now in the Pokedex. These were taken direct from the game so are actually correct, unlike most other sites.
  • The Black/White 2 Pokedex has been fixed to include Genesect. Turns out they lied to us and there are 301 Pokemon in the new Unova dex, not 300 ;)
  • Official Genesect artwork added to its Pokedex page.
  • EV yields updated for the new forms in BW2.