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Full list of gift Pokemon/Eggs in LeafGreen?

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I only know of the Eevee. By the way, any tips on how to get it to evolve into an Espeon?

asked Nov 6, 2012 by Angelshade
Just saying, Espeon cannot be obtained in FR/LG due to loss of day/night features. You'll have to trade from R/S/E.

1 Answer

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Starter (Bulbasaur/charmander/squirtle)-pallet town
Hitmonchan/hitmonlee-FIghting dojo
Eevee-pokemon mansion
Lapras-Silph co
Togepi- Egg in water labyrinth
Fossils(Omanyte/Kabutops and aerodayctyl)-Mt moon/Pewter city museum
Source: and personal experience
And fizzcube is right about espeon

answered Nov 6, 2012 by CWegz
edited Nov 6, 2012 by CWegz
Hah, Bulbapedia was down when this was first posted.