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Breed raichu with pikachu?

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If you breed a male Raichu who knows Thunderpunch with a female Pikachu with a lightball, will the Pichu that hatch from their egg know the moves: Volt Tackle, Thunderpunch, Charm and Thundershock then?

asked Nov 10, 2012 by Charizard14

1 Answer

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It will know ThunderPunch & Volt Tackle. As for the other 2 moves, depends on what else the father knows.

answered Nov 10, 2012 by 5th of November
So if the father knows, for example iron tail and thunderbolt will the pichu know those moves too?
Yes & Yes.
when i tried it said they hated each other
hated? can u give the exact wording? cuz, as long as the man doesnt say: "They seem to play with each other than with other pokemon" you can get an egg.
they said they dont like each other