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Dragonite smaller than Dragonair?!

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Dragonair's height is 13'01"
Dragonite's height is 7'03".

Aren't Pokemon meant to get bigger when they evolve?

Does Dragonites Height change or something?
This really confuses me
If Dragonite is 7'03"
and a average human is 5'10" but in the picture above the Dragonite is clearly bigger than 7'03".

Is that Dragonite special in anyway?

I realise there are a few questions in there but I couldn't be bothered to do 3-4 seperate questions.

Thanks in Advance!

asked Nov 14, 2012 by Scizornician
edited Nov 14, 2012 by Scizornician
where'd you find that pic ?
that picture is from the indigo leage anime series where there is a giant dragonite

3 Answers

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Here goes:

  • Why is Dragonair bigger than Dragonite?
    I can actually avoid the usual here.
    Alright, first off, it is true, Dragonair is bigger. And again, not every Pokemon get bigger when the evolve, it's not a sort of 'rule' or anything. Also, Dragonite doesnt really have much of a tail if you compare it to Dragonair, and the height probably includes that whole tail, making Dragonair tall compared to its evolution. Otherwise, Game Freak wanted it like that. :P

  • Is the Dragonite in the picture special?
    Well, appears so. It's likely the picture is fake or innacurate as well; unless it's approved by Nintendo/Game Freak nothing makes it official. It could also be that the humans are too small; either way, it's innacurate.

Hopefully that clears it up a bit!

answered Nov 14, 2012 by ƒιzz
selected Nov 14, 2012 by Scizornician
That Picture i got is from the anime.
Upvote but no BA yet
Yeah, I actually find the Anime pretty misleading sometimes. Anyways, the picture is wrong, really. I do wonder sometimes whether the writers of the Anime have actually played the game before :P
lol ikr
I watched that episode. It says it on Bulbapedia too.
@Fizzcube: My thoughts on the writers of the anime is:
Considering the time it takes to thoroughly play any of the games, and how quickly they come out with episodes involving new Pokemon from those generations shortly after the games come out, it is very likely that they already started writing those episodes with minor prior knowledge about the games beforehand. They most likely just had development notes from the artists and writers of the games, and none of the statistics that the games have (like height values, for instance), leading them to base the sizes around the images comparing those images to the main character's height. In other words, they make an educated guess, and have no clue how strict those numbers are supposed to be.
Maybe is because Dragonair is longer than Dragonite and it is curling up like a snake.
Yeah, it was referred to as the "Mystery Pokemon" during the episode this dragonite appeared in.
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My theory is that Game Freak measures snake/worm Pokemon by length rather than height, like a diamondback rattlesnake is not 2' tall, but 2' long, and a gyarados doesn't have a 21' long face. In fact, if a dragonair coiled up to form a dragonite, it would come short. Just now when I looked through my pokedex, a dragonair is 13' 01" and 36.4 lbs. No 13 foot creature could weigh 36 pounds.

answered Aug 31, 2013 by ShinyGyarados
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That dragonite I the anime was special ,it was said it was a legendary and wasn't compared to the averege dragonite

answered May 7, 2013 by certaindeath