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How exactly do you IV train?

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i never knew how or how it works

asked Nov 15, 2012 by Bro Ashleys Here

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You can't. IV stands for Individual Values, and once you have them you can never change them.

answered Nov 15, 2012 by Dr.Flame
selected Nov 15, 2012 by Bro Ashleys Here
so you can breed down the ivs?
But you need ev enhancing power items to
make one stat 100% chance to breed down
oh ok :p
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*I think you meant EV (Effort Value) training. EV training boosts a special Stat you are training for by defeating Pokemon that give off EV points of that Stat. Every 4 EVs you gain for a stat adds an extra stat point to the designated stat.

Lucario's Speed, for example, is 306, I think, at max. That's with a Boosted nature (ex. Jolly or Hasty) and Perfect IVs (explained below by Dr. Flame) . Without 252 EVs for that stat, but still the same IVs and nature, the max would be ...237.

Do you get what I mean or do I need to elaborate more?

If you do I hope I made your day -ω°

answered Nov 15, 2012 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
edited Nov 15, 2012 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
i did not mean ev
yeah, but you mixed up probably
Oh well. I thought just possibly...
no i didnt i know what ev training is i just never knew if you can iv train or not ._.