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When I trade the Red Gyarados from HG/SS to D/P, the Red Star disappears?

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why is it that the red garados in hgss didnt have a red star when it traded it to dp?

asked Nov 20, 2012 by kaiser12360
edited Nov 20, 2012 by Mewderator
I have never heard about this. It's probably a glitch.

1 Answer

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IT is not possible until and unless it was a glitch or your Pokemon red garados was obtained via cheats and it corrupted your game you should release the red garados

source ::::: experience my friend traded me a red gyarados which was obtained via pokegen it was a non I was asking for one which was not obtained via ar codes on the chat part of db and when I fought my first mach with it my game freezed till now it is and now I had to start it again my lovely 6 hydreigons and powerful emboar got wasted. Hope I have answered you Fizzcube .

answered Nov 22, 2012 by abhe
edited Nov 27, 2012 by abhe
Go back to your Q on meta
Releasing glitched pokemon is a VERY BAD IDEA it messed up my game
Not possible TBB I told my freind about it and he had to release his whole team and his game is working fine till now