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Why does ash have female voice actors in English?

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asked Dec 2, 2012 by SammichHero
Cause chicks are amazing. ^_^
Well yeah, but that doesn't explain how he hit puberty in the middle of the season! LOL
Lol. xD

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We don't know. I do have a possible theory.
As you all may know, a phase of life called puberty changes the male voice, making it deeper. Women aren't affected much in the voice department.
To make it sound like a 10 year old, a girl actor was used to keep his voice high.

answered Dec 2, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Dec 2, 2012 by SammichHero
LOLZ that is fail, he did hit puberty between two seasons of pokemon though, and now i will always picture Ash as a girl when i close my eyes. LOL
Why Bart SImpson is played by a female.
He's still a 10 year old.
His voice got deeper though.
Barts a girl?
That's because he switched actors.
Either way now i have an image of ash as a girl. You cannot theoretically unsee these things!
Many cartoon kid characters are voiced by females. Bart Simpson, Timmy Turner, and Ben Tennyson are those that come to mind.