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Is there a Pokemon that has higher Special Defense Fully Evolved than it's NFE form with Eviolite??

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You want just one, or all of them?
all of them.

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I've made a simple program in MS excel with few formulas

1.5x(NFE's max stat) < FE's max stat

Max stat= 2.2 x base stat + 108

Metapod 244
Butterfree 284

Kakuna 244
Beedrill 284

Grimer 327
Muk 328

Magikarp 228
Gyarados 328

Poliwhirl 327
Politoed 328

Sunkern 261
Sunflora 295

Wooper 244
Quagsire 251

Eevee 376
Umbreon 394

Slowpoke 294
Slowking 350

Seadra 310
Kingdra 317

Tyrogue 277
Hitmon/lee/chan/top 350

Pupitar 393
Tyranitar(with sandstream effect) 492

Cascoon 244
Dustox 306

Wingull 261
Pelliper 262

Kirlia 343
Gardevoir/Gallade 361

Feebas 343
Milotic 383

Burmy 310
Wormadam trash 317
Wormadam plant 339

Combee 300
Vespiquen 332

Darumaka 310
Darmanitan-Z 339

Karrablast 310
Escavalier 339

This seriously took me a long time

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So unfair... there are much more in Spdef than Def....
Are there? I always thought the opposite.
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Yes there are, but you really need to be specific on wether you want with or without EV's IV's and Nature.
For without EV's IV's and Nature:

Politoed is 236 and Poliwrath is 216, while Poliwhirl is 202 with eviolite

Butterfree is at 196 while metapod is at 129 with eviolite

Wigglytuff is at 136 while jigglypuff is at 129 with eviolite

Slowbro is at 196 and Slowking is at 256 while slowpoke is at 174

and i'm getting tire of calculating so I will give you the Pokemon and you can look the rest up for yourself because this is something you could easily do yourself, but I guess too lazy to do.
And since I didnt calculate these, they might not fully be accurate, so double check.

Wormadam (all cloaks)
Hippowdon and Hippopatas are tied but Hippowdon has the higher HP so yeah

This list might not be fully accurate, I could have missed some, and some of them might be wrong. But dude this took forever

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He said max spdef in the comment below, but upvote for your effort
If it was too much work, you could have passed. As for the lazy, you asked a question on what Apricorns do. Bulbapedia is there for a reason, buit i guess you are too lazy.
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Gigalith, Dustox, Wigglytuff, Beedrill, Gardevoir, Krookodile, Luxray, Azumarill, Butterfree, Nidoqueen, Poliwrath, Politoed, Beautifly, and Flygon.
Note: This is based off of base stats.

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You counted the Eviolite boost, right?
Yes I did.
Not all NFE Pokemon are in NFE.
I know, if you take a look at the source you will see that the Pokemon one stage down from all these are in NFE.
I think he's referring to your Source.
Krookodile has less than Krokorok. Same with Luxray. I suggest you recheck this.
Eviolite increases Defense and Sp. Defense by 50%. Krokorok's base Sp. Def is 45, 45 divided by 2 is 22.5, add 45 and you get 67.5. Krookodile's base Sp. Def is 70, and 67.5 < 70, therefore Krookodile's base Sp. Def is greater than that of Krokorok with the Eviolite. Luxio and Luxray have a similar situation. I double checked this for all the Pokemon in the NFE tier.
Krokorok Max SpDef: 207
Krookidile Max SpDef: 262

207 + 50% = 310

Use the actual stat, not base stat.
True. But it varies, depending on how you EV train.
Assume the NFE and fully evolved have Max EVs in SpDef and a + Nature.