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How do you connect to your home wi-fi?

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I have tried many times, but I don't think I am doing it right. I want it for the wi-fi related things.

asked Dec 2, 2012 by bigbro4

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You need to go to the Menu and select the option that says "Nintendo WiFi connection" and find an access point. If there is a blue lock next to any one of those, you can run a test to check the connection. If there is a red lock and you know the password, type the password in and test the connection. If the connection works, you are now connected. Just activate in the game by triggering it.

answered Dec 2, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Dec 2, 2012 by bigbro4
Yeah but when I tried putting in the password it said it was incorrect, now what do i do?!!