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What are all the moves which improve your accuracy?

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I need it for my Guillotine Excadrill. Hone Claws and...

asked Dec 7, 2012 by Flare

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There's actually quite a small number. At three moves, it's one of the stats with the lowest amount of moves that boost it.

  • Acupressure, which increases a random stat; including accuracy.
  • Hone Claws, as you mentioned. As well as accuracy, it also boosts Attack.
  • Coil being the last one, which also increases Attack and Defence.

Excadrill can only learn one of the moves, which is Hone Claws.

Also, if this is intended to boost the accuracy of Excadrill's Guillotine, the formula works a bit differently. Accuracy boosts are not taken into account.

Accuracy = ((User's level - Target's level) + 30)%

answered Dec 7, 2012 by ƒιzz
edited Dec 7, 2012 by ƒιzz
Excadrill cant learn coil-so Hone claws is the only option? I don't like acupresseure btw.
Yes. All Excadrill can manage is Hone Claws. But you can boost it with various items and abilities too.
Cool...thanks Fizz.
No worries, glad to help!