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Which Pokedex Entries mention other Pokemon?

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For example...
Steelix is mentioned in Onix's Pokedex Data, Exeggcute is mentioned in Exegguttor's Pokedex Data. Are there any other?

asked Dec 7, 2012 by ~Infinity

1 Answer

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Shall I answer one by one cause it will take forever to search.

Zangoose- seviper's entry
Seviper- Zangoose's entry
Pidgey - Ekans entry
Spearow - Ekans entry
Exeggcute-Pidgeotto's entry
Magikarp-Pidgeot's entry
Pidgeot-Magikarp's entry
Kyogre-Groudon's entry
Groudon-Kyogre's entry
Durant-Heatmor's entry
Heatmor-Durant's entry
Geodude-Rhyperior's entry
Spearow-Sunkern's entry
Remoraid-Mantine's entry
Mantine-Remoraid's entry
Groudon&Kyogre-Rayquaza's entry
Starly-Cherubi's entry
Magneton-Magnezone's entry
Magnemite-Magneton's entry
Metang-Metagross's entry
Beldum-Metang's entry
Corsola-Luvdisc's entry
Pawniard-Bisharp's entry
Murkrow-Honchkrow's entry
Staravia-Staraptor's entry
Sewaddle-Leavanny's entry
Leavanny-Sewaddle's entry
Wurmple-Silcoon's entry
Starly-Wurmple's entry
Wurmple&Skarmory-Taillow's entry

answered Dec 7, 2012 by Exca le roi
edited Dec 7, 2012 by Exca le roi
You missed heatmor and durant mentioning the other...
there ya go.
oh mai gawd! ba!
please report if anything is missing.I shall edit it