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My dream world data gone?

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I started Dream World for Black 2 recently and I noticed that my Black 1 Dream World data was gone. All my berries, all my dream pals, EVERYTHING GONE. So what happened to it? I have not used my Black Dream World Data in years if that helps. Also when I used White 1 for the Dream World, I still had my data from Black 1. What is going on?

asked Dec 9, 2012 by Metallix
edited Dec 9, 2012 by Metallix
whew, I really feel for you DB...

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The dream world "lady" that tells you the info about the dreamworld says 'Beware if you leave the dreamworld for a long time, a year or more, your berries and items may be deleated to make space for other Dreamers.

Hope this helps, sorry for your luck...

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answered Dec 9, 2012 by SammichHero
selected Dec 9, 2012 by Metallix