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Fire Blitz or Belly Drum for my Dramumaka?

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I am going to train my Darumaka to have alot of evs in Hp and Atk.

asked Dec 15, 2012 by powersnorlax

1 Answer

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Flare Blitz.
Darumaka can't afford to sacrifice its bulk with Belly Drum. Flare Blitz is perfect with your HP EV training.

answered Dec 15, 2012 by Mewderator
selected Dec 24, 2012 by Mewderator
Beaten by 45 secs, dang it...
what about hammer arm or flame punch for the same pokemon
If you are using Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm. Superpower, if you can get it.
sank you,myu
you actually read the question,unlike yesterday