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Where are all the treasure chests in Pokepark 2?

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I'm trying to befreind that Kirlia and to do that I need to open ALL of the treasure chests in the park. Picture of them would be nice, but they aren't needed. Btw: Are the treasure chests in the obstacle course needed?

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I'll answer because I want to help another person who feels my pain. Countless hours on the Wii here I come :P
Aww thanks for asking this question
thanks everyone:)

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Cove Area, Seasong Beach:

1) On the deck near Cove Town
2) In the caves to the left, Watchog is guarding it

Cove Area, Cove Town:

1) Corphish territory
2) Kecleon's hideout

Arbor Area, Windmill Way:

1) Amoonguss hideout

Arbor Area, Verdant Court:

1) Middle of lake

Arcane Area, Lakeshore:

1) Reshiram's shrine

Crag Area, Rockridge Fort:

1) Inside small cave behind berry tree
2) Braviary peak behind berry tree

Crag Area, Colosseum:

1) Munna's house
2) Tournament stands

Tech Area, Train Depot:

1) On top of trains
2) To the left of the entrance to Unawarehouse

Tech Area, Unawarehouse:

1) Near train on top of crates
2) Tech rooms near Duskinor and a small floating chests (there are 2)

Tech Area, Sciencetorium:

1) None

Source: Me running all of Pokèpark
Tell me if I'm missing any
P.S. the ones in the mazes don't count

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Your welcome:)
You forgot the one watchog was guarding
you are missing the watchog one where you avoid his attacks.