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Where is the person that tells you if your Pokemon have maxed out on EV's in BW2?

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Call up Bianca on your Xtransceiver. She'll tell you whether you've satisfied the effort values or not. She'll also tell you about the Pokemon's happiness.

For the Happiness:

250+-"What great friends you are! It's so nice how you trust each other! It makes me kinda jealous!"

200-249-"You two sure get along great! It looks like you are having fun being together! You seem bright and cheerful!"

150-199-"You're starting to get to be friends. Just maybe, walking along the same path has made you understand one another."

100-149-"You still have room for improvement. How nice! I mean, you can become even better friends!"

50-99-"You aren't getting along, are you? It's glaring at you with a look that's kinda scary."

0-49-"You aren't getting along, are you? It doesn't look like it's having fun even when you're together".

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