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Is Rotom Breedable..?

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asked Jan 2, 2013 by Artist KS

5 Answers

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Yes, because it's in an egg group.
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answered Jan 2, 2013 by NO1974
selected Jan 13, 2013 by Mewderator
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Yes, it is in the Amphorous egg group.

See here:

answered Jan 2, 2013 by XtremeKiller
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The short answer is Yes!

answered Jan 2, 2013 by Victini Victory
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Its in the amorphous egg group but its genderless meaning yes but only with a ditto.
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answered Jan 2, 2013 by CWegz
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Yes Rotom is breedable,in the Amphorous group,however it cannot pass down egg moves,because it is genderless. Can only breed with a ditto.

answered Jan 2, 2013 by AegisDatLash