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What pokeball will Black Kyurem be in when I fuse it?

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I caught Zekrom with a normal poke ball I'm planning to catch Kyurem with a great ball. Which one will Black Kyurem be in when I fuse them together.

asked Jan 8, 2013 by connorg123
edited Jan 8, 2013 by Aura Warrior

1 Answer

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Kyurem would be in great ball or whatever you plan to catch it with. Even if you fuse them together it would still be in the ball you caught kyurem in.

answered Jan 8, 2013 by FrozenVanillite
selected Feb 4, 2013 by Mewderator
If you seperated them would they go back to their original ball?
yup (filler)
Yeah they would go back to their orginal pokeballs. (Sorry for a late answer)
That's cool, gave you an upvote.