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Braviary and Sheer Force?

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Can Braviary learn any flying type move that is boosted by Sheer Force besides Air Slash?

asked Jan 15, 2013 by wesley

2 Answers

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Yes,it can learn sky attack which gets a boost from sheer force.

answered Jan 15, 2013 by Exca le roi
selected May 6, 2013 by &Psychic x
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  • Air Slash
  • Brave Bird
  • Aerial Ace
  • Sky Attack
  • Sky Drop
  • Fly
  • Wing Attack
  • Pluck
    Use This link for help on Bravairy.
answered Jan 15, 2013 by Sciz
ur wrong sciz.Air slash and sky attack are the only flying type moves which braviary gets a sheer force boost.