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What items can be sold to Maniacs in Black/White 2?

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I was wondering about maniacs and how much the items are worth

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I'll be including the info.

Eastern Exit of route 5 in a trailer
Tiny Mushroom-500
Shoal Salt-7000
Big Mushroom-5000
Balm Mushroom-25000
Lucky Egg-200
Old Gateau-4000
Rare Candy-10000

Icirrus City Pokemon Center
Big Pearl-7500
Big Nugget-30000
Comet Shard-60000
Damp/Smooth/Heat/Float/Icy Rock-1000
Shiny/Thunder/Water/Moon/Dawn/Dusk/Fire Stone-2000
Pearl String-60000
Shoal Shell-7000
Star Piece-9800

At Undella Town
Yellow/White/Red/Blue/Black Flute-7500
Relic Statue-200000
Relic Vase-50000
Relic Silver-5000
Relic Gold-10000
Relic Crown-300000
Relic Copper-2500
Relic Band-100000

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i think there wa one in Mistralton city who buys mulch for 1000
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Bulbapedia's entry on Item Maniacs

This shows the list of item maniacs, their location, what they will buy and for how much.

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