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Oppostet of lucario (not what you think)?

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i need a Pokemon that can RESIST everything that lucario is weak to. it also needs to have a base stat of over 475, it also need to be in white2!

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non legendary

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Dragonite resists everything that Lucario is weak to, and even better, Lucario resists everything Dragonite is weak to. This is called a core, and Dragonite can be found in DragonSpiral tower, along with its pre-evolutions.

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thank you! people! please keap answering! OPTIONS OPTIONS
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Don't you mean opposite; I spent 30 seconds trying to figure it out on top of my lack of sleep.

Resistant to all of them:

Charizard (not available in B2/W2; you can get a Charmander from Prof. Oak for beating Red in HeartGold/ SoulSilver)
Gyarados (you can buy a Magikarp from a salesman for 500 bucks on the Marvelous Bridge)
Altaria (Swablu on Route 14, Abundant Shrine)

Other options
Jellicent: Immune to fight, resistant to fire and neutral to ground.
Archeops: Immune to ground, resistant to fire and neutral to fight.

They all have a base stat over 475

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Nope, It's my 5th Shiny ever caught/bought, and 4th in my W2, I don't use AR because it ruined my friends DSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got lucky and it was shiny, and I trained it to level 100, I didn't evolve it till level 99 XD
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But it got a bunch of upvotes so it's pretty even.