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Can a Gengar soak Toxic Spikes up?

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It has levitate...

asked Jan 31, 2013 by Flare

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Poison type Pokemon (that are not raised) will absorb the spikes upon switching in, removing their effect.-Our(The DB's) Toxic Spikes description.
So no, Gengar will not.

answered Jan 31, 2013 by Poke'slash
selected Jan 31, 2013 by Flare
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No; any Poison type Pokemon that is either holding a balloon, has part flying type or has the ability levitate cannot remove toxic spikes via switch in.

If the Pokemon should lose its ground immunity status after switch in, it still cannot soak the spikes up, the same as when a flying type uses roost, it will not get affected by any spikes.

Only when the poison Pokemon is susceptible to spikes on its switch-in will it soak up Toxic Spikes.

answered Jan 31, 2013 by fondant
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Due to its Levitate, there is no way for it to soak the TS up. But since this is obviously Ou, here is another great Pokemon that could help you:

Tentacreuel @ Life Orb
Liquid Ooze
252 SpA/ 4 SpD/ 252 Spe
Hydro Pump
Giga Drain
Rapid Spin
Ice Beam

No matter how weird this set looks, it is actually a great spinner set and a great offensive set as well!

answered Jan 31, 2013 by DracoArceus
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