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I have misdreaves what is it good for in battle?

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so what should I use it for defence atack or one of the sepicail stats

asked Feb 18, 2013 by golbat girl

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You can evolve Misdreavus into Mismagius using a Dusk stone.
Link for dusk stone
Then you have a Pokemon who is more powerful.

Mismagius works best with Special attacks and Speed.
With a base of 105 in each stat that's the way to go.

Here are some movesets that you can use for Mismagius

answered Feb 18, 2013 by MrKijani
selected Feb 18, 2013 by golbat girl
ok i like misdrevus because they way it looks that is mostly the same pokemon i have
No problem. You don't have to evolve him it just means better stats if you do.