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What interactable Pokemon like Volcarona and Kyurem don't obey the rebettle E-4 reappearance rule?

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I'm nervous I won't catch my DreamYard Latios, I already KOed it, XD

asked Feb 19, 2013 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>

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All legendary Pokemons that can be interacted with can be found again after rebattleing the elite 4
So dont worry you can catch him in other chance
Source: experience and marriland( youtuber)

answered Feb 19, 2013 by megaswifter21
selected Feb 19, 2013 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>
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if you saved then turn ds of and try agen or beat the elite 4 if you did not save.

answered Feb 19, 2013 by N the Champion