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Is it possible to complete your pokedex without cheats?

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asked Sep 19, 2010 by dman
edited Sep 19, 2010 by Pokemaster

3 Answers

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Yes, But, it takes a long time to fill it you have to trade, battle online, and go out and find new Pokemon.

answered Sep 19, 2010 by Pok'e Freak 45
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Yes, but not all pokemon,( you can only get some pokemon in events, and since your pokedex has spots for them too, technically- no.) but if you manage to get all obtainable pokemon, it pretty much counts as beating the game, because not everyone has WiFi.

answered Sep 19, 2010 by Xx_RAYQUAZA-POOP_xX
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Yeahbut it beith super diffucult it be takeith a mixture of trade events and searching to get them all
and the fact that the game dosnt record pokemon you see at battle tower dosnt make it evan easier.... in mah diamond I got the region dex fair in square (uhg) but for the natioal..... I CHEATED >:3

answered Sep 19, 2010 by Suicune1413