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All the legendary Pokemon in Heartgold?

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Want know!!!

asked Feb 24, 2013 by Make

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Rayquaza to get rayquaza you need a groudon from soulsilver
Dialga/Palkia/giratina You need an event Arceus
Latias /Past Wifi event soo you cant get him without the event item

This site will help
Hope it helps

answered Feb 25, 2013 by Jofly
edited Feb 28, 2013 by Jofly
no offence Jofly, but don't answer a question if the BA is given already.
But your answer was wrong so i did the right answer so i wonder why you have BA?
And now you only copy me
This answer is also a little wrong, but I wont make another answer, I'll just tell you what the wrong parts are so you can edit it.
First, you need Soulsilver to get Rayquaza
Second, you need Arceus from event to get Palkia Dialga or Giratina
Third, Latias and Latios are switched around. You get Latias in normal game, and Latios from event in Heargold
And please dont fight for points...
Unless the answer is completely wrong, just tell them the missing parts or which part is not true
yeah but ive sent a link
but your answer is wrong for some parts