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Pokemon conquest help.?

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In "the legend of Ransei" if I capture any Pokemon with a warlord, say Oichi with Treecko, it will be there when I recruit oichi in the episodes, am I right? so in the episodes ,for example, in Oichi's episode "The rose of Ransei" I will have the Treecko as well , so, in that episode, if I capture another Pokemon, for example, a Shinx, will I get the Shinx if I finish the story and play it again, or when I I recruit Oichi in other episodes, will I have the newly captured Shinx?

asked Mar 4, 2013 by darkcress

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Yes if you befriend a Pokemon with a warrior they will always have that Pokemon with them when you recruit that warrior to you army. The Pokemon wont go away until you release it.

answered Mar 4, 2013 by Aura Warrior
selected Mar 6, 2013 by darkcress