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What are some good deffencive batton passers?

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EG Mew who has 100 in each of his defenses and hp I want to be able to set up more than once

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You guys forgot all the BEST Baton Passers in the Game!

1) Ninjaskenter image description here

This guy is the best Baton Passer in the game. It will make sure that you get atleast a Baton Pass of Speed, due its ablility, Speed Boost. Run a set with Protect, Substitute, Swords Dance and a Filler Move like X-Scissor.

2) Espeonenter image description here

This guy is also pretty epic. It is a reliable Calm Mind Passer, so running a set like Calm Mind, Baton Pass, Substitute and Stored Power is great and great again. This set allows you to set up and if viable, sweep with Stored Power.

3) Gliscorenter image description here

Gliscor hasn't been an epic Passer, but fan certainly come in handy when you predict a Switch fro the opponent. Run a set like Substitute, Roost, Swords Dance and Baton Pass so that you can heal, get and get the Sub up.

4) Gorebyssenter image description here

Not much to say, apart from boss. Shell Smash Passing is so useful. Running this following set will come in very handy. Shell Smash, Baton Pass, Substitute and Aqua Ring. This set allows the healing and sub up. Very good.

5) Venomothenter image description here

Ok, this butterfly is great. With Sleep Powder to assist the Stat raising, it is epic. Run a set lime Quiver Dance, Sleep Powder, Bug Buzz and Baton Pass for best results. This guys is nh favourite Baton Pass.

6) Mewenter image description here

Mew as you said, has 100 Base Stats all around. This pink kitten can Baton Pass over a bog variety of moves. I won't recommend a set for you here, due to there being so many variations in what it can have.

7) Celebienter image description here

Celebi, being not much different from Mew in Stats is also a good Passer for you. It can pass over Nasty Plot and Calm Mind, two very useful moves in the current Metagame. The set again can vary so I will not give you one.

8) Volbeatenter image description here

Ok, this bug isn't very fast and doesn't have good Defencive stats, but is filled up with the delights of its Ability, Prankster. This means it can Pass over Tail Glow very quickly and also get the Baton Pass of first in play.

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You are going to have a hard time Baton Passing with Sub, Sword Dance, Protect and X-Scissor on Ninjask.
Well, no he won't. You use protect to build up speed, the use swords dance. you should hold Sash to do this so you are left with 1HP, then pass the speed and atk.
I'm just pointing out he have a Baton Passer whiteout Paton Pass.
:P Sorry. I didn't realise. Replace X-scissor for Baton Pass!
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It depends what you want to Baton Pass? I'll give a list and if they have methods of recovery as well.

Vaporeon: Baton passes Acid Armour and Aqua Ring
- base 130 HP, 95 Sp. Def, and while lacking in defence, you'll be using Acid Armour anyway
- has Wish
Mew: Baton passes a whole range of moves (Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, Swords Dance etc.)
- base 100 stats all round
- has Roost
Gorebyss: Baton passes shell smash
- base 105 defence
Celebi: Baton passes Calm Mind (Nasty Plot if you're using Showdown or have an event Celebi)
- base 100 stats all round
- has Recover
Eviolite Gligar: Baton passes Swords Dance
- base 105 defence and only slightly slower than its evolution
- has Roost
Musharna: Baton passes Calm Mind
- base 85 Def, 95 Sp. def and 116 HP
- has Moonlight

These are the bulk(ier) Baton Passers. There's other options as well:

Jolteon: Baton passes agility
- while it's short on defences, it has Volt Absorb and already high speed so it baton pass quickly

Volbeat: Baton passes Tail Glow
- it's low on defences and not fast, but since it has Prankster it will be able to pass quickly.

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Ok, so I'm on my 3DS and I'm just going with some that I know off the top of my head:

Gliscor@ toxic orb
ability: poison heal
nature: +def -sp att
EV's: 252 hp/ 252 def/ 4 sp def
swords dance
baton pass
Gliscor is great for this role, but he is very much a physically defensive Pokemon. He is one of the best phisically defensive Pokemon out there.

Scizor@ leftovers
ability: technician
nature: +sp def -sp att
EV's: 252 hp/ 252 sp def / 4 def
swords dance
baton pass
bullet punch
Scizor can work quite well as a baton passer. He's also unexpected. He can take a physical attack with only investment in hp. With the special defense investment, he'll be able to take special attacks as well. People will probably switch when he comes in because they think he'll bullet punch them into oblivion. You might just get a free chance to use substitute.

Venemoth@ focus sash
ability: tinted lens
252 speed/ 252 hp/ 4 sp att
nature: +sp def -att
quiver dance
baton pass
bug buzz
sleep powder
He's not very defensive, but he's the only Pokemon to learn quiver dance and baton pass. I just thought that I'd mention him.

Espeon@ leftovers
ability: synchronize
nature: + sp def -att
EV's: 252 hp/ 252 sp def/ 4 def
calm mind
baton pass
This is another viable option.

musharna@ leftovers
ability: synchronize
nature: +def -att
252 sp def/ 252 hp/ 4def
calm mind
baton pass
psychic/ some other stat boosting move
This guy is much more defencive, and probably works better than Espeon.

Well, these are some ideas. Hope this helps :)

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Smeargle of Baton Passing

He isnt Defencesive but with Focus sash he will Take a hit then spore them if the Pokemon he faces can get asleep due Vital spirit or that kinda abillity then just switch to another Pokemon.He can run which moveset you want and works perfect with Spore/Focus sash. Then he can use Quiver dance or Dragon dance and after that Baton pass to a slow Pokemon like Metagross. What is better than a Fast metagross with Sharply raised attack. If your team has a good Special attacker like Specs Gengar would be awesome with speed and special attack and special defence.

Smeargle@ Focus sash

  • Dragon dance
  • Spore
  • Baton pass
  • Quiver dance

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