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What are ALL the Pokemon that Ash as caught during his travels?

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By this I mean all of the Pokemon from all regions Ash has been too. Thanks!

asked Mar 17, 2013 by AreWeFreshYet?
i would answer but then i would have to wach the intire anime
You can find them all here. I didn't really want to list them so I just put it in a comment.

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Current :


With Proffesor Oak :

Bulbasaur,Kingler,Muk,Tauros (×30),Snorlax,Heracross,Bayleef,Quilava,Totodile,Noctowl (shiny),Donphan,Swellow,Sceptile,Corphish,Torkoal,Glalie,Staraptor,Torterra,

In Training :


Status Unkown




Traded away


Given away


Also there are the Unofficial and the Temporary ones.
These are the Pokemon that he didn't capture.But you don't want about those.


Note : Ash owned and the pre-evolutions of the fully evolved ones.Like Infernape and Torterra.(Exept Palpitoad,Snorlax,Raticate,Beedrill,Muk and Noctowl)

answered Mar 17, 2013 by MK 42
edited Mar 17, 2013 by MK 42
Nice copy and paste there :)
what else could i do ?
Nothing, it was a joke.
He had Raticate for one episode, sohe din't ever own a Rattata :P
I meant altogether. Is that the pokemons he had in every single region?
He had a Muk!? I never knew that.
yep.Bulbapedia is my source.These are the pokemon he captured in every single region
Unfezant got traded for Charizard, so it is with Oak.