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Full-power strategy?

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My main strategy is to pummel my opponent with the most powerful attacks I have, and give a shell-bell or something similar to my Pokemon to regain health. I don't use status-reducing attacks like screech, but I do use moves like toxic and stun spore. Is this a good strategy? I usually knock out my opponents in one hit, so it works most of the time.

asked Sep 27, 2010 by lokman

3 Answers

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I think it will work, but it's not good enough! It's better to
- give your pokemon Leftovers than Shell bell
- Stun spore is great if your pokemon is slower. if your pokemon is faster, then is better to use Toxic
- Screech can be a good strategy to take down your opponent with a singel shot! so, you can use it...
that's my opinion, choose the best for your pokemon!

answered Sep 27, 2010 by Wobbuffet33
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I think wobbufet is mostly right but swords dance is better than screech becuase then you can use it on the next opponent without wasting a turn

answered Sep 27, 2010 by Speed freak
Yes, it's better to raise your own stat than lowering the foe's!
Although if you want to force a switch, Screech is bettr.
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You can't just use brute force, you have to create a strategy. It would be much more helpful if you could give me your team and the moves they know, so I ca see what you are trying to get, and improve on your strategy. While it might seem like you are giving a strategy, it is just a jumble of using powerful moves and status moves.

answered Sep 28, 2010 by trachy