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What is a fast way to level up level 70s plus?

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its taking forever I need help.

asked Mar 25, 2013 by luckycatch102

4 Answers

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Here are some ways:
1.) Talk to and battle trainers in Big Stadium and Small Court.
2.) Find Pokemon in the dark grass around Southeastern Unova(areas around Nacrene City, Striaton City, etc.). The Pokemon there are pretty high-leveled.
3.) Some shops in Join Avenue have services that can level up your Pokemon.
4.) Check Hidden Grottoes every now and again. You might find Rare Candies!

answered Mar 25, 2013 by Celestial★Hurricane
selected Mar 26, 2013 by luckycatch102
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Well, It always take long time to lv up Pokemon to lv 100. The E4 is a great way but White Tree Hollow / Black Tower is great too.


answered Mar 25, 2013 by Jofly
I forgot Black Tower and White Treehollow! Oh well.
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Audino is another good way, they give Pokemon alot of exp, plus a lucky egg will get you alot of experience, I highly recommend holding a lucky egg and finding strong audino.

answered Mar 26, 2013 by mewthelegend
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You could use the shops in Join Avenue but you have to have the pokebucks

answered Mar 25, 2013 by KennethSloane