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What are NPCs in white?

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I was looking at some anwsers and it said something about NPCs. What or who are NPCs? Please help! Thank you!

asked Mar 29, 2013 by ehesister

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NPC= "Non-Player Character"
Which means exactly like how it sounds. You can't control the character, but they help you in the game.

The not-as-important NPC's
They give advice or items, and they do in-game trades. Those types of NPC's are the characters like Youngsters, Veterans, ones like those.

More Important NPC's
The Pokemon Professor, your rival, Gym Leaders... These are important.
They are: Professor Juniper, Bianca, Cheren, N, and Nate/Rosa.
A more complete list would be here, if you wanna see all of them

answered Mar 29, 2013 by Candle
selected Mar 30, 2013 by ehesister
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NPCs = non-player characters, basically anyone except you.

answered Mar 29, 2013 by fondant
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A non-player character (commonly abbreviated as NPC) is a character in a Pokémon game whose actions cannot be controlled by the person operating the console. The direct opposite of an NPC is the player character.

So basically it's anyone other than your character.

answered Mar 29, 2013 by Celestial★Hurricane