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What happened to my espeon?

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I had an Eevee (level 33) and it evolved into Espeon.
But its Special Attack went FROM 67 TO 100? What happened?

asked Mar 30, 2013 by kaiser12360
edited Mar 30, 2013 by ƒιzz

1 Answer

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Since eevee has a base Sp.Atk of 45 once you evolved it to Espeon it took a huge jump since Espeon has a base Sp.Atk of 130.
Hope I helped!

answered Mar 30, 2013 by Artist KS
but why?
Putting it simply, when a Pokémon evolves, its Base Stats increases. When the Base Stat increases, the stat itself also goes up.
it simple had a big boost eevee base special attak is lower than espeon so it had a boost t get it there