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Concerning Volcarona and its reappearance?

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Hello. I've killed my Volcarona on Black2, cause I was following a walkthru that said that I could beat it and then catch it after beating the Elite 4. The thing is, I've beaten the E4, and Volcarona isn't there. What should I do?

asked Apr 3, 2013 by ArcKarl

1 Answer

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Perhaps you've been to the wrong room? You can go and beat the Elite 4 one more time and try again.

Relic Castle, Marriland guide

answered Apr 3, 2013 by fondant
edited Apr 3, 2013 by fondant
Nop, the right room, for sure. But it's right, Volcarona reappears then? I didn't wanted to beat E4 again without being sure of it.
Usually, re-defeating the E4 will work. I did that for Kyurem, so it should be the same for Volcarona.