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What fossils can I get in Sapphire/Ruby?

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I chose the Root fossil in the desert but can I get anymore without trading?

asked Apr 6, 2013 by Artist KS

3 Answers

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Sorry no, the other fossil was the Claw Fossil, and you cannot get it without trading in Sapphire or Ruby. It's sunk beneath the sand and it's gone forever!!

In Emerald, it is possible to retrieve the other fossil from under the desert, but only after you've defeated the Elite Four.

answered Apr 23, 2013 by NekoEmmi
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EDIT:there is cave in hoenn the desert the end of the cave you will find the other the fallarbor town in a small house you will find the cave....hope I helped(again :P)

answered Apr 6, 2013 by DarkStar
edited Apr 7, 2013 by DarkStar
Ok, thanks, I managed to read everything else :P
did you check it?
Wait...what OTHER fossils can I get, not how to revive them..
i got it
This is wrong... you can only do this in Emerald, not Ruby and Sapphire, sorry.
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How to get fossils

You go to the dessert near Mauville City and go to the top of mirage tower(machbike included)and you`ll find 2 fossils,but you can only pick one after you pick one and Rustboro City go to Mr.Stone and talk to him if that doesn't work go to the second level of the building and talk to one of them and they'll turn into a Pokemon.

answered Apr 6, 2013 by Jofly