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How I can get some Blue Shards in Pokemon White 2?

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I'm tired of searching Blue Shards on dust clouds, I always find other shard or onix/excadrill/drilbur, I want teach Aqua Tail to my Serperior but I have only 2, also Dark Pulse to my Hydreigon

asked Apr 7, 2013 by SalamenceXD
Lose at the PWT and they'll give you a shard as a consolation prize.

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There are several ways of obtaining shards, I'll list them here:

  • They are hidden all over Unova, use your Dowsing Machine to find them.
  • They can also be found inside dustclouds inside caves.
  • They are given as a consolation prize in the Pokemon World Tournament for losing.
  • Also, certain Funfest Missions will let you obtain Shards, like Exciting Trading, Exhilarating Trading, Find Mysterious Ores, Find Shining Ores, and Find Shards.
answered Apr 9, 2013 by Mewderator
selected Jun 9, 2013 by Mewderator
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One way to find shards (and other items) is by using the dowsing machine. You may not always get shards, but there is a good chance.

answered Apr 7, 2013 by Poke Joe
Lol the hidden items are programmed to be a certain item, not there is a chance.