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What is so special about a mystery gift?

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What does it do?

asked Apr 11, 2013 by sheepman1306

3 Answers

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Mystery Gifts are usually Pokemon that you cannot get from any other method, e.g. Meloetta, Keldeo, Mew, Jirachi etc.

They're also time limited, in addition to some being location limited as well.

answered Apr 11, 2013 by fondant
reshown Jul 25, 2013 by Ninja
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Mystery Gifts are events that gibe out Pokemon you cannot usually get. The Pokemon sometimes hold rare berries, have special moves, a have been caught in rare pokeballs, and have ribbons. It also just feels awesome to walk into a Gamestop, and walk out with a Celebi, but thats not the answer! I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

answered Jul 25, 2013 by Jellohamster
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its a event from nintendo ether from game stop or wifi

answered Apr 11, 2013 by N the Champion