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Can you draw cards of you have less than 7 ?

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For example.I have 7 cards.I put my active Pokemon and I put another in the bench.I now am with 5 cards.Can I draw 2 more in my turn ?

asked Apr 13, 2013 by MK 42

1 Answer

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No you cannot. You can only draw one card at the start of the turn (unless you have the Hall of Fame Belt item attached to your active Pokemon, which allows you to draw two cards at the start of your turn as opposed to one). You can of course draw cards during your turn through the use of Trainers such as Cheren, through attacks such as Togekiss's Return attack, or abilities such as Crobat's Night Sight.

answered Apr 13, 2013 by trachy
edited Apr 14, 2013 by trachy
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