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Why isn't water super-effective against steel?

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I mean I'm pretty sure water rusts steel. Doesn't that make it super-effective?

asked Apr 14, 2013 by DragonColress
Stainless steel :)

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Because it takes a long time to rust something made of steel. Moves like water gun only last a sew seconds, no way near the time it takes to rust something.

If you spray a hosepipe on a car, it doesn't break. :P

Also, if it was super effective it might be too easy to kill steel types and Game Freak might not want it like that.

answered Apr 14, 2013 by Dupline
selected Apr 14, 2013 by DragonColress
Thank you.
Icedude is right, a simple hit of Surf will kill Klinklang if it was so.
and steel is used for plumbing. if that's the case, it should RESIST water.