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Can you cover all types in one team?

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Can it be done? A team example would be helpful. And the movesets.

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No, because 17 is not divisible by 6. There would be 5 types leftover.

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but what if each pokemon knows a diff type of move?
well, how do you mean? by covering every type with a given move in the team?
Each pokemon can have 4 moves, and with six pokemon that's 24 moveslots. So yes, you could a move of every of the seventeen types on a team, with seven spare moveslots.
thanks brotad thats what i meant. :)
Taking the worst case scenario that you need 17 moves to cover each type: each Pokemon can learn 4 moves, therefore a maximum of 24 moves are available in a team of 6. So yes, you can cover every type super-effectively in a team of 6.
It should be noted that all types can be hit supereffectively with just six types: ground, fighting, dark/ghost, grass, ice and flying, not taking dual types into account
thanks brotad and fondant for answering my qustion
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well...actually you can

i dont know about a team, I will leave that to you but:

Electric(covers Flying and Water)
Ice(covers Ground, Flying, Dragon and Grass)
Fight(covers Normal, Dark, Rock, Steel and Ice)
Ground(covers Electric, Steel, Poison, Fire and Rock)
Flying(covers Fighting, Bug and Grass, not affected by Ground)
Dark(covers Psychic and Ghost) you can build your team based of these types

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