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Quagsire or Sandslash in silver?

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(Sorry about all these questions :/ )

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Guess it depends what you want them for? Quagsire would make a good HM Slave:
- Surf
- Strength
- Flash
- Whirlpool

Sandlash can only learn:
- Cut
- Strength

As for battle, it depends on the rest of your team. Generally though, Quagsire.

Quagsire @ Leftovers (or whatever you can get really)
Ability: Water Absorb
- Surf
- Strength
- Earthquake
- Whirlpool

Quagsire has a x4 Grass weakness, but Ice is now x1 and Water x0 with its ability. If you have a flying or fire type on your team, Quagsire would do good taking some ice and water hits.

While Sandslash has slightly higher stats, its ability is near useless, and it has low HP and Sp. Def, coupled with mediocre speed. At least Quagsire's slow and you know it, Sandslash is surprisingly slow. :/

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