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What determines the size of the Magikarp shown to the Fishing Guru at Lake of Rage?

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The Fishing Guru at the Lake of Rage has a dream of seeing the largest Magikarp. If you have one in your team, he will tell you how large it is. What determines its size?

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Coding-wise? Or do you mean, like, is there anyway you can get a Magikarp to grow more in-game?
I always thought it was random...
If it was random, then you could technically keep showing the same Magikarp to the guy and get different values, but the values are the same. Therefore, there must be some data saved to that Magikarp individual.

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If you have the big Pokedex book for HG/SS, one of these, it will show you the differences of Magikarp sprites. The differences of spites are very small. I emphasize very. Yet the main feature to tell the size of a Magikarp is something to do with their tails, either the shape or size of the encountered Magikarp. Unfortunately, I lost my copy and can't tell what is the actual shape or to verify. This link will show you the prize of when you show the largest Magikarp. I couldn't find any codes for this Question on Bulbagarden.

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That's ridiculously anal, even for Gamefreak.
This goes with the heracross in Firered and Leafgreen
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It's all about luck, you can't really see if Magikarp is bigger or smaller than the other. Just go the Guru whenever you catch a Magikarp and show it to him, I guess he'll tell you what the size is. Sorry for not giving you a really informative answer. ;c

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Yeah, I was looking for what it's size is actually determined by. Possibly a formula of some sort?