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Are there going to be any events for Pokemon white 2?

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asked Apr 23, 2013 by EmøtionalDisater
edited Apr 23, 2013 by Exca le roi
There WAS a Meleoetta event but i don't know if it is still going on.

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Yes, a deoxy event Lv.100 for white and black 2 so,your in luck. Good luck!

answered May 2, 2013 by Blastoise X
selected May 18, 2013 by EmøtionalDisater
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There is no way to tell, but in all likelihood yes, there should be one.

With X & Y still several months off, BW2 is still the main game. So GAME FREAK still need to keep the fans happy. But there is no confirmation of any upcoming events, so you can't be 100% accurate.

answered Apr 23, 2013 by AreWeFreshYet?
But how do u know
it's kinda said in the can't know. But I think there most likely will be one.
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We can't say for certain, unless an insider to game freak or a friend of one tell you. For me, I just wait until I get the event news on this page's news & updates section to tell me.

answered Apr 23, 2013 by Troll Patrol