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What do people eat in the Pokémon universe?

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I am was watching a Pokemon episode, and suddenly this question came up in my head, when I saw Cilan cook food. So really, what do people eat in Pokemon?

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oh ok, thanks Poke'slash :)
NP. Kinda disturbing, huh?

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They eat regular food, like pancakes(as seen in Giratina and the Sky Warrior). They may also eat Pokemon, believe it or not. Cherubi's Pokedex entry says it's tasty(how do they know? 0.0), and they've mentioned Tauras meat, and Ash and Brock dreamed of a Magikarp meal. So, they eat Pokemon as well as regular food.

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AAAAHHHH! My adoration of the anime is slightly decreased.
Haha, IKR?
Farfetchd are rare because they are overhunted  because "they make a delicious meal" :(
Magikarp Yummy!
Poor Farfetche'd and Magikarp!
Just had a thought...Even if you were vegan in the Pokemon world, you could still eat Cherubi. 0.0
thats disturbing. o.o
I would eat an orange fish. Not sure bout eating a three tailed bull however.
Magikarp is ok because, if you watched the episode where they try to eat it, IT'S ALL BONE AND SCALES.
Jofly just caught a Cherubi.  Yummy Yummy new fresh dinner xD
Trainer: "Hey, guys, check it out! I caught a Cherubi from that Honey Tree! And i still have some leftover honey!"
*People stare hungrily*
Trainer: "Uh, guys?"
Person: "Cherries and honey!!!"
*People converge on poor Cherubi*
mmm Cloyster
Tee hee. So YTP Gym Leaders Eat Pokemon is accurate!