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Earthquake or Giga Impact for Snorlax?

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Bandlax@Choice Band(:P)
252 atk/252 def/4 hp evs
adamant nature
trait:thick fat
-body slam
-earthquake/giga impact
-fire punch
If there's any other suggestions,please tell me! :D

asked May 4, 2013 by ~Swaglax~
Well being that Snorlax has high Defensive stats a recharge with giga impact won't faze him much. Meaning he should be capable of taking a few hits while doing massive damage. So ill say Giga Impact.

1 Answer

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You already have a Normal type move, and being immobolised for a turn is never great.

Overall I would go for EQ as it still has great power. And no bad side-effects. Plus that way you can hit Rock types, and Pokemon like Heatran.

Doubled with Fire Punch there are few Pokemon who can wall you.

answered May 4, 2013 by MrKijani
selected Jun 1, 2013 by ~Swaglax~
Thanks. :)