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Best Types Team?

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So, I've decided to level up only ONE team in my SoulSilver (i'm still working on the gyms) in order to progress through the game faster. So, I was wondering, what would be a good idea for my team to be? What types would be the best to have? (my starter was cyndaqil)

asked Oct 4, 2010 by ThatSassyGirlx89

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I'll give good pokemon I like for the best types. A tall order here! Wow, I'll try my best.

Fire: covered

Porygon2/Z- great stats and unique moves for a VERY unique pokemon!
Ursaring- nice attack, and guts help too.
Togekiss- very good stats, great ability and good moves.

Hitmonlee/chan/top- great moves. great stats.
Machamp- no explanation. It's machamp! Come on.

Crobat- Poke-stealth bomber, good stats and very fast.
Gliscor- a tank! with good moves and decent speed.
Pidgeot- an original, and fast with decent stats.
Yanmega- again, very fast, and awesome stats.

Slowking- a special tank. Not very ommon.
Quagsire- great typing, and not too bad all together.
Kingdra- also great typing, and high stats.
Vaporeon- high stats, good abilty, an lots of hp.

Pinsir/Heracross- super attack, and good type covering moves.
Forretress- entry hazards! mega defense and good typing.
Scyther/Scizor- both strong, with great moves.

Exeggutor- very high stats, and can learn ancientpower, covering 4 weaknesses!
Tangrowth- good defense and sp. attack, good moves.

Marowak- awesome with a thick club.
Mamoswine- mammoth attack, and, just pretty cool.

Jolteon- an electric form of Gengar.
Magnezone- good special tank. decent typing too.

Tyranitar- no explanation.
Umbroen- awesome wall! tricky moves too.
Gengar- very fast and very hard-hitting specially.
Weavile- very fast and very hard hitting physically.
Dusclops- excellent defenses and tricky moves.

Metagross- Dont need to say a thing. THIS IS THE ONLY STEEL TYPE YOU NEED!

Salamence- super strong, good typing.
Altaria- great defenses, and helpful moves.
Dragonite- super strong, good typing.

These are my favourite pokemon for the best (in my opinion) types. -----Notice: I tried to put pokemon you can get from the beginning, and that were mostly from Kanto and Johto. I hate to cut out good pokemon, but.... for heartgold, these are good pokeomn you can get in the relatively early stages of the game. SOME pokemon are Sinnoh and Hoenn- I couldnt resist!

answered Oct 5, 2010 by Xx_RAYQUAZA-POOP_xX
Oh, look, I turned 96 after finshing that answer! lol!
Wow thanks! thats awesome! but what types should I choose for my team?
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Fire -Fire can take care of some hindering types. Most of them are pretty high-grade, too. They make great leads too, thanks to their raw power and natural agility.

Normal - The most flexible and versatile of all types. ALWAYS have one on your team. Use the Normal-types to fill gaps in your teams.

Water - You need some kind of coverage against the bulky types, like Rock and Ground. This is your answer. The Ice attacks they learn deal with those pesky Dragons, too.

Flying - A very agile, yet straightforward type. Basically the counterpart to Fire. They're great for hitting first and getting back at Fighting, Grass, and Bugs-types.

Rock OR Steel - At least some kind of bulky type, so that you have some form of balance.

Electric - The counterpart to the Normal-type. They too, are pretty versatile, sporting only one weakness. Their Speed, useful abilities, and unique movepools help them too. Use them mainly for type coverage or cleanup.

answered Oct 5, 2010 by ~-~WILL~-~
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Ground or Rock or Steel

answered Oct 4, 2010 by UltimateDarkraiFan
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Fire(taken care of)

Water-out of your list I suggest Vaporeon

Steel-Metagross obvi. also covers psychic

Dragon-Salamence or Dragonite

Electric-Magnezone for the steel resistance to a lot of types

Ghost/Poison-Gengar good STAB and very tricky to face

answered Oct 5, 2010 by evee96
What the heck you completely copied my answer!
I didn't completely copy it I selected the 6 best types from your list and made a team.