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How many people use Pokesav/Pokegen?

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I was battling someone and after the battle they told me to put together a non-legendary team. I asked him how, and he said Pokesav. So, I put together a rain team, but now a feel kind of cheap... Do most people use Pokesav or Pokegen to put together teams? Do youtubers like KillerNacho use it? It would make me feel a lot better if so...

asked May 12, 2013 by ScizorSwag11

2 Answers

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It'd be considered cheating, since you could give, for instance, a Sableye the Wonder Guard ability with maximum Defense and Special Defense stats, and make it therefore invincible. It's like using a Gameshark, but without having to look up and input every single code for your killer team.

answered May 12, 2013 by Miles07
That doesn't necessarily answer my question. My question was about the number of people who use it, and I would like to know if youtubers like KillerNacho and other famous wi-fi battlers use it.
In that case, you'd have to ask them personally.  As for the number of people who use it, there's likely no approximation.
You see, it all depends on what people use PokeCheck / PokeSav / PokeGen for.  I, for instace, used it for my SoulSilver file just so that I could fill up the Pokedex with PKMN that I can't find/evolve in the game itself.  Others use such programs to make invincible, ridiculous parties, and other simply use it to find out what their Hidden Trainer ID is.  There are a lot of uses for these programs, so there's no real way of telling how many people use it.
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i have used something very similar, pokegen. However I would use it if it worked for my Pokemon b2 game. just being honest xP

answered May 12, 2013 by Ein